How late can a girls period be

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A period can be as late as it wants but if you’re over a week late and know you’re not pregnant you should call a doctor. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How late can a girl’s period be’s-period-be
A period can be as late as it wants but if you’re over a week late and know you’re not pregnant you should call a doctor. ChaCha!
Can a girl be late for her period and not pregnant??
Yes, of course. Lots of things can cause a late period, including excessive exercise and not eating. Take a store-bought pregnancy test if you are 2 or more weeks late. And go see a doctor or a women’s clinic in your town. If you are very y…
What if a 14 year old girls period is 5 days late?
if a girls period is 5 days late and they have not had sexual intercourse then it could just be that her periods havent settled into a ruten probably as younge girls period do take time to adjust a ruten sum girls periods do not adjust till…

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How late is to late for a girls period?
Q: my gf and i had sex and she said her period was to be on the 10th and it hasnt happened yet but how much later will it take to know for shure she is pregnant? like how late can it take to finally have itwe had sex on like the 13 or 15 of june sometime around then just for referencealso is it normal to have irregular period dates?
A: depends on her, is her period usually late, early, on time? but after a week, and if she has any other signs of pregnancy buy a test.
How late does a girls period have to be before she should worry if she is pregnant.(serious answers only)?
Q: okay so my friend broke news to me today that she started her period on christmas is now the first of february.. can she be pregnant?the only reason I am worried is she JUST had a baby in Septemeber.could the fact that she just had a baby throw her body off a little or is she already “too” late…. has any of you females ever been this late and NOT been pregnant???? PLEASE HELPand she had a c-section…. Umm, I don’t know much about that stuff. lol. so I dunno if that information helps any? thankyou
A: SHE should have worried whe SHE had unprotected sex….DUH!
Usually about how late are girls’ periods late because of stress?
Q: If possible can someone tell me the usual symptoms of a coming period
A: A period can be many days late even to the point of skipping a whole cycle due to stress. Personally even after 14 years I still have cycles that fluctate anywhere from 26-46 days in length. Everyone’s symptoms vary but common ones include:Breast TendernessAcneSweet and salty food cravingsMoodinessSadnessConstipation or diarrheaMild abdominal discomfort
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