How late can a period be for you not to be pregnant

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Even if you are not pregnant cycles can skip days,weeks, or months. Stress, hormonal changes, and pregnancy are all factors. [ Source: ]
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How late can you be on a period and not be pregant??
Sometimes with birthcontrol pills it makes your periods all weird and irregular at first because your body is trying to adjust to the change in hormones it is experiencing. Have you just recently started taking the birthcontrol? That cou…
How many weeks late can a woman be on her period and not be pregn…?
Skipping a period can be caused by other factors like stress as well as being pregnant.The only way to know why is to take a test.
Can your period be really late not be pregnant??
It is possible to have a really late period or even a missed period and not be pregnant. Your periods can be irregular due to a number of things like stress, eating differently and hormones so it doesn’t necessarily mean you are pregnant.

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My period is late and im not pregnant, how can i make my period start?
Q: well i know for a fact im not pregnant, i get ultrasounds everynight seeing im an ultrasound tech and my endometrium is thick, and 3 weeks late. is there anything i can do to start my period…i dont like it to be soo late because it will be too heavy and eww…lol. so if you have any tips let me know thanks 🙂 and btw, dont tell me to go to the doctor…thats not what im looking for. thanks 🙂
A: by you doing this youre prob stressing yourself and not kno
Late Period, could she be pregnant?
Q: My wife is just a few days late. Since last week she has been feeling nauseous. So, I took her to the doctor last week for a sore throat and she vomited on the way to the doctor. When we got there I asked her to take a pregnancy test, it was negative. I guess it was too early to tell. Her period is now late. Well, my first question is when the doctor asks for your last cycle date is he counting from the start of your last period (which was 1/20) or the day it went off (which was 1/25). Also, she doesn’t think shes pregnant, she says it’s probably stress but I just feel like she is. She had her Mirena taken due to complications and has not been on birth control since Dec. We do take protective measures. Ladies what do you think and how soon can she take another pee test. Also I bought her a generic pregnancy test called “For sure” she told me to get a “First Response” will this make a difference. ThanksThanks for your answers. I called my wife and talked her into taking another test she did and it’s positve!
A: first off, good for you for taking such good care of her. :)i used clear blue easy because it is so easy to read – it is a digital screen that says pregnant or not. they are not too expensive. i would also wait to test until first thing in the morning as that is when the hormone levels are highest and you will get the best result. you can test (generally) the first day of your missed period. best of luck to you both.
Took 3 Pregnancy Test All Negative Results. Period Late but have signs of Pregnancy. Am I Pregnant?
Q: So far I have taken three pregnancy tests and all came back negative but I have nausea, some dizziness, very emotional, and fatigue. I did have what I thought was my regular period Feb. 9th it was a very light period only lasted for three days but then two weeks later I had the same thing happen. Now I was suppose to get my period for March but it’s late. I even called a clinic back on Feb. 23rd and asked if you could be pregnant while on your period and the person I talked to told me no that there is no way you can have your period and be pregnant. But I have heard that you can be pregnant while on your period and I also heard that you can still get negative results on pregnancy test but turn out to be pregnant is that true? If a blood test comes back negative does that mean that I’m not pregnant or is there a chance that I still could be pregnant? How long do I have to wait until I know for sure if I’m pregnant? I don’t want to keep buying pregnancy test and going to the clinic.
A: Go to the doctor, they’ll tell you for definite there and then.
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