How late can you be with your period without being pregnant

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There is no set time of a late period to determine pregnancy. Stress, illness, and medications can all delay a period. Go ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How late can your period be without being pregnant?
Pregnancy is not the only cause to miss a period, consult a physician. Some women do not have regular cycles, so 60 days is certainly possible. Professional sports players also often stop menstruating because their body is conserving energy…
Can i be 10 days late on my period without being pregnant??
Yeah thats alright. I was once late 13 days. Its no big. You might just be having a hormonal level change. Or you might be stressing yourself out to much. Calm down, if its super late, get it checked out.
Could Your Period Be A Week Late Without Being Pregnant??
Periods can be late not necessarily meaning pregnancy. The female body is very complex. Nauseous? Bloated? Tender breasts are signs of early pregnancy. Vomiting can happen at anytime of day so if your throwing up at 5:00 pm dont think i…

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It is common to get period cramps without getting your period it when you are 1 month pregnant?
Q: I just found out that I am pregnant about 7 hours ago! I am so happy, but for the last 4 days I have been getting cramps that feel like period cramps. I am late for my period, but I am nervous because I have only taken a home pregnancy test, it says it was 99.9% accurate. I am going to the doctor for a real test on Monday, but I am wondering how common it is for women to feel period cramps, I also have breast tenderness. Also, I am on the medication Metformin for insulin resistance, can that cause a false positve? Should I not let myself get too excited? By the way, I all the sudden have no appitite, which is strange for me and some foods taste different (I’m not sure if this has anything to do with it, just letting you know, lol). Thanks!
A: it sure is common, I did with both my pregnancies, it feels like your period is about to start any time. Relax it will be ok :)BTW your symptoms are common pregnacy symptoms and sore breasts are a classic one Congrats!!
Can you get pregnant on your one day late for your period?
Q: ok i was supposed to have my period on the 10th of January..but i didnt.on the 11th of january i ad sex with a guy..protected sex!but for a tiny litle moment while we were just relaxing -something like 10-15 minutes after we had our first turn and he had taken off the condom and wiped everything clean with a tissue- e got somewhat erect and tried to eneter me without a condom..i didnt let him go in but he did manage to get in just a litle and for about a minute or so…maby a bit less or a bit more…considering that the past 3 months ive had an unstable cycle and regarding the fact that i was already one day late on my period could i be pregnant by that 1 minute or less unprotected intercourse?? ( he didnt even go deep enough)..i also know how to calculate my fertile and ovulation days and i know that the 11th of january was not one of them….
A: I’m sure you’re fine. Just being a little stressed and worried about it could throw off your hormones and make you late.
Late period and without health insurance?
Q: I’m three days late, and I know that there are many possible causes for this, but the unknown is driving me crazy. There is absolutely no chance that I could be pregnant because I have not had sex in the past nine months. I know that I would have peace of mind if I were to get it checked out, but right now I am without health insurance and it terrifies me to imagine what treatments or tests I might need, or how much it would cost. I’m much younger than 50, younger than 40, yonger than 35… so I doubt that I’m going through menopause.However, you can’t play around with your health… I don’t know what to do. What really scares me is that I am not even experiencing PMS symptoms and it doesn’t show any sign of starting. I usually have mood swings, crave fatty foods, my breasts hurt and I feel nauseous. I’m not experiencing any of those symptoms.I’m scared to death. I need to get this checked out but have no idea how I’ll pay for it, and I am terrified as to what might be the cause for this. I’ve always had regular periods before.
A: 3 days is barely anything. Stressing about it definitely won’t help. Just relax and wait. If you go a few months without it, that’s when you should worry and see a doctor. But one late period is not cause for that much alarm.
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