How late can your period be before you should be worried about being pregnant

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You should at least wonder after just a few days. A pregnancy test will be positive as soon as 5 days Before your period is due. [ Source: ]
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How late can your period be before you should be worried about be…?
You should at least wonder after just a few days. A pregnancy test will be positive as soon as 5 days Before your period is due.
How late should your period be before you worry about being pregn…?
My period was always regular so I knew 1 day after being late. 20 yrs of always on a certain day and then its late was good enough sign for me. But your on the pill it could just be hormonal changes. Id wait a week at least, i know its hard…

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late period, what are the chances that i’m pregnant?
Q: the first day of my last period was june 20th. by my calculations i should have gotten my period the week of july 19th-25th (this past week) my period has always been rather irregular and i just went of birth control 2 months ago, so my system could just be adjusting to that. my last period was my first period off bc and it came when it was supposed to. i usually experience very bad cramps in the week or so leading up to my period so i can usually predict when i’m going to get it, but i haven’t been getting cramps recently the way i usually do, only a few twinges here and there. so it doesn’t really feel like i’m going to get my period any time and my bf use condoms, but not at the beginning of sex. like we’ll start having sex without a condom, and then he’ll put one on half way through before he ejaculates.(its pretty much impossible for me to come when he’s wearing a condom) i know about pre-cum,so how much risk is there if he’s wearing a condom for most of the time? one time, we didn’t have a condom, so he just pulled out, but it was on the last day of my last period so i was still spotting a little. i didn’t think you normally ovulated on your period, but now i’m worried. i also experienced heart burn for the first time in my life a few days ago as well some nausea. is it too soon to get morning sickness/pregnancy heartburn? when should i take a pregnancy test if my period was supposed to come last week? i don’t want any false negatives.grammar edit: i went OFF of birth control 2 months ago.left out the word off, whoops.
A: The first day of my LP was on the same exact day, so I know how you feel. I started experiencing heartburn, nausea and other symptoms weeks ago. And my period is still nowhere in sight. Usually I get cramps that let me know it’s on the way, but I haven’t gotten those, either. I’ve taken tests over the last week, but they’ve all come back negative. If I don’t get it in another week, I’m going to re-test.
can you get pregnant from anal sex while on your period?
Q: here recently me and my boyfriend tried unprotected anal sex for the first time (ps- neither of us have any std’s). and we did that for a good thirty minutes i’d say just on and off. and it would keep slipping out so he’d have to stick it back in. well about ten minutes later i went into the bathroom to check and see if i was okay because it had been a little sore which i figured was normal. well when i checked it was kind of wet like he had cummed in me so i wiped it off as good as i could with some toilet paper. well when i came back and told him about it he was worried that some of it might have gotten down to my vagina some how. and i remind you that i was on my period. so do we have anything to really worry about? i know we probably should have considered it before we did it instead of worrying later. so please help me out in knowing if i have a big chance in being pregnant. and also i want to know if this would count as losing our virginity? thanks.
A: Less than 5%. It’s a possibility but it’s really, really small.Be smarter next time. Either he uses a condom, you go on birth control, you get the nuvaring, or he tells you when he’s going to come.You had a sexual encounter, so yes, you’ve lost your virginity. Your anal virginity. el oh el.
Late period… neg hpt… neg. blood serum test?
Q: My girlfriend and I have used a condom every time we have had sex. We have (thank God) never had a mishap during intercourse. There have been times before that we have gotten all worked up about thinking she may be pregnant, and then used a hpt and it was negative, and then her period just came a few days late. She is not on birth control. For a while, we didn’t have sex. We just recently began to do so again. We had sex on Dec. 31st, Jan. 10th and Jan. 24th. She ended her last period on January 1st. Her period hasn’t came yet, and she tested the day before yesterday with a hpt and it was negative. She isn’t having any signs or symptoms of pregnancy. She actually said she had a little cramping the day before yesterday. We both tend to get stressed out very easily, and worked up. I do believe stress caused her period to be a little late before, and I think she is pretty stressed right now. We were careful about it, so we are sitting here thinking about how it could possibly happen, the odds are very low. We just tend to get all worked up.What is your input on this? Do you think her freaking out and stressing/ worrying has something to do with it not coming yet? I mean, it has happened before.The test we used said it could detect as early as 5 days before missed period, and she ended her last period on Jan. 1st.She isn’t having any signs or symptoms or anything, we are just worried. It sometimes seems to be a monthly thing. =[I’ve been trying to get her to relax. She told me she had some cramping the day before yesterday. Could this be a sign that her period is on it’s way?I’ve been praying consistently in hopes that it will start and that she will not be pregnant. Right now, we are just too young for a pregnancy, and this very instance has made us decide that maybe we should hold off on sex for a while.How can I get her to calm down? The test was negative the day before yesterday, but yet we both seem to be a little worried still because her period hasn’t came.UPDATE!!!We visited the hospital yesterday, and they did a Blood Serum test, and it was negative. The last time we had intercourse was on the 24th of this month. However, her period still hasn’t came yet??? Could this be from the stress before she took the blood test? As of right now, we have a pee test and a blood serum test that both say negative for pregnancy.
A: RELAX I had a scary time recently I was 3 weeks late and had cramps and things for 2 weeks, It’s probably stress. The mind plays a much bigger part in all this than you know. You haven’t done anything wrong so don’t worry, it will just cause stress between you guys. Just love her and hold her and tell her it’s ok, Bodies do strange thing sometimes. Good luck and take care 🙂
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