How likely am i to get pregnant with my tubes tied

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Failure rates of tubal ligation are are around .1% or 1 in 1000. Its unlikely to get pregnant but it happens sometimes. ChaCha [ Source: ]
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How likely is it to get pregnant with having your tubes tied??
It is a very low chance but it does happen, I had my tubes tied 10 years ago, and I got pregnant once last year and miscarried then again I miscarried 3 months ago, So I went to my doctor who then ran some tests and ultrasounds and my left …
How likely is it that you will get pregnant after having tubes ti…?
It’s rare that someone becomes pregnant after having their tubes tied, but it has happened. I’ve read somewhere that the likeliness of becoming pregnant is slightly lower than if you were on birth control pills (around 0.01% and that’s only…

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How long could you be pregnant before hCG level gets high enough to show on tests if it is ectopic pregnancy?
Q: I am 27 years old. I had my tubes tied about three years ago now. I have been having a lot of symptoms of pregnancy. Now, I do know that it is possible (though not a high chance) that you may get pregnant after a tubal. I did take a pregnancy test last month after having my first two day period. It was negative. Though the signs of pregnancy has not subsided. Now I have had my second two day period. I have had a very homonal emotional break where I cried for absolutely no reason. I am tired all the time. I also have had abdominal swelling and cramping. I know with having my tubes tied, that if I was pregnant, the chances of having an ectopic pregnancy is likely. I also know with an ectopic pregnancy the hCG levels that are detected by home pregnancy tests can be lower than they are supposed to be and it will not show at first. My question is how long would the hCG level stay lower than could be detected on a pregnancy test? and Should I take another one this month or am I just being paranoid?
A: I had an ectopic pregnancy in 2006 (of course I didn’t know it @ first). I conceived in Jan. and by the beginning of March my body just felt off and different.. Took a HPT and it was negative. 2 weeks later I still felt off and took another, it was positive. Went to the doctor to confirm and then 2 weeks later it was discovered to be ectopic. I didn’t think about my HCG levels being lower than normal due to ectopic, but now that I think about it, I discovered my pregnancy almost 9 weeks after conception. I still had periods so I was thrown off. I would definitely take another pregnancy test, especially since ectopic pregnancies are so dangerous! Good luck honey 🙂
Do you personally know anyone who….?
Q: got pregnant after a tubal ligation?..not a friend of a friend,but someone you actually know. How long after they had it done & was it a normal pregnancy or etopic? I’m just curious because I had my tubes tied after my daughter was born 4 years ago & I have heard the longer they are tied the more likely they are to grow back together(higher % after 10 yrs),also if you were under 30 they are more likely to(I was 24). No,I am not trying to get pregnant, the stories I’ve heard about people having their tubes tied multiple times & still getting pregnant over & over scare me. I’m happy with my 2..if God decides we need another than so be it,but I worry if I do get pregnant it will be etopic—just my curiosity. 🙂 thanks in advance~
A: My mother got pregnant 10 years after she got her tubes tied. She can’t carry a baby to term for other reasons and that’s why she decided to have it done, to avoid any abortions or miscarriages to save her life. She had to have an abortion. It was not ectopic. Nothing is ever 100% though.
Is Welfare really Fair?
Q: I know a couple who are on welfare. They get foodstamps. They get Wic. They get energy assistance, so they don’t have an electric bill. They live in government housing, and they don’t have to pay rent. The man works a job getting paid under the table in cash. He doesn’t get a pay check so the housing office thinks he is unemployed, and they don’t charge them for rent. The woman stays at home with their child, but i wouldn’t consider her a full time mom, considering the house is always dirty (i mean nasty). She pretty much sits on her butt all day. She is no “Soccer Mom” or “PTA Mom” if you know what i mean. Now this couple that i am talking about, drive a brand new 2007 PT cruiser. They buy steak and shrimp for dinner. They wouldn’t be a bit worried if they found out she was pregnant again. They go out to parties, and drink every week. They have cable, but only because their neighbor has cable (get it?). They have an Xbox and the latest games. They live in a two bedroom town house, and don’t seem to have many worries, except whether or not they sent in the paper work to get more help from the state. Oh and the woman and child both have free health insurance through the state. And everything health wise is completely paid for in full. Even the Perscriptions. Now on the flip side, I struggle for everything i have. I work a full time job and commute to work 40 min to and from every day. I pay all my bills. The electric bill, the water bill, the trash bill, the morgage, the cable internet and phone bill, and car insurance. I own my car, and thats kinda nice. i dont have to make payments. But when its all said and done, i can only afford to buy food thats on sale, and if there is nothing on sale when i go shopping its top ramen noodles and mac and cheese for everyone! I never go out. I can’t afford to. I can’t even afford to save a little money on the side, small outing like the movies. I never drink. And i can appreciate a good beer every once in a while, but again can’t afford it. I would take my dog to the vet before i would go to the hospital, because i don’t have health insurance, and when the dog is sick i could never punish her for that. But a vet visit would put me in debt with someone else. I can’t even afford a christmas tree this year, as much as i love christmas. I am even thinking about calling my family and telling them not to get me anything, because i can’t afford to get them anything this year. And I am not complaining. I appreciate what i have. I know it is hard for alot of people, and some are way worse then me. But here is my argument……The couple i was speaking of gets all this help from the state, even though Both of them are completely capable of working. And here i am paying taxes to help the government help them. I want to have a family some day to you know. I cant wait to have my own children. The closest i ever get is babysitting someone else’s child for a little extra cash. Why should I have to pay so they can have everything that i want and more? Why should I have to wait to start a family due to finances? They have everything I have and more but here i am, going to work everyday, so i can come home and worry about which bill is going to be due before i get my paycheck, and how long i can wait before i pay it. And what do you think is going to happen to that couple’s child. I think they are setting the stage for that child to grow up and be on welfare to. Children mimic their parents actions. A child who grows up in a lazy family is likely to be lazy also. And with that being said, do you think the reason welfare is overwelmingly popular has anything to do with the fact that every person on welfare raises a child to be on welfare as an adult? And would it be fair to make “getting your tubes tied after having two children” a stipulation of recieving welfare? That way people who take advantage of the system can’t create more people that take advantage of the system. Okay this is really long i am going to stop now. Solve my welfare crisis and i’ll rate you best answer. Funny, Serious, Depressing, Angry.. I am looking forward to reading all your responses. Thanx
A: Okay I didn’t even read the whole thing because it was ridiculously long. But I do have some stuff to add.1: They are committing welfare fraud if he is working under the table and not reporting it…with that being said, turn them in because its wrong2: If she has the time to clean the house and doesn’t and its filthy then call CPS3: They are illegally getting cable? So turn them in for that too.Dont complain on here turn them into the authorities.And more to add, welfare people aren’t always like that its just scammers like them.And you made me really mad because you say that:”the fact that every person on welfare raises a child to be on welfare as an adult”Okay where did you get that fact from because I would really like to know? That is a fact you made up and its not true. And you seem to imply that welfare people are lazy! Well you know what I take it to be personally offensive because I am a single mom in full time nursing school. I spend 60 hours a week doing school work and I just got finished doing a full time unpaid internship as well at a hospital. And you know what Im on welfare! Im not lazy nor would I raise my kid to be lazy. I want off and wish i didn’t(and never thought I would) have to be on it. I struggle too just like you. I dont get free housing but am lucky enough to have family to live with that I only have to pay a few hundred dollars a month rent.Leaches like her need to be off the system but don’t start thinking all us “welfare rats” are the same.Now to help you out….if you ever need help with anything like food, clothes, utility/rental assistance, gas cards, car repairs, etc call 2-1-1 and also check around with churches too.
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