How long after conception would it take to show up pregnant on a pregnancy test

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Wwo weeks after conception is when you should take a pregnancy test. [ Source: ]
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How long after conception does it take HCG (pregnancy hormone) to…?
If you think that you know when you conceived you should wait at least ten days(anywhere from 7-10 days to be exact) But be careful some woman don’t produce enough HCG in the early part of the pregnancy, so try and do the blood test later i…

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How long after conception does it take for a blood test to show pregnancy?
Q: ok so about a week and a half ago i had to go to the hospital because i kept throwing up and wanted to make sure i didnt have an infection or somthing. the dr did a blood test to see if I was preggers and it was negative. Now we are trying to concieve and at that point based on my fertility chart if i had been pregnant i would have only been about a week pregnant now a week and a half later i am still sick, just throwing up though no other symptoms and i am 3 days late for my period so i am wondering if it is possible that the blood test was done too earlie and there for gave a false negative.?
A: A blood test will show if you are pregnant or not 7 days following conception.Take a home pregnancy test. I recommend the brand Answer.I took this test 7 days before my period was due and it gave me a very accurate positive. Good luck!
Does anyone know of the best home pregnancy test to use for the most accurate reading.?
Q: I know there isnt many choices out there to pick from. But I sure there are some better than others. I’ve tried EPT and clear blue easy. Does anyone have any advice. And approx. How long after possible conception would the pregnancy hormone show up in my urine. I’m anxious this month with the hopes of being pregnant and my period is due on the 3rd of April and it feels like forever for it to come. I took a pregnancy test on thursday march 27th and it came back negative. Me & my hubby really concentrated on my ovulation cylce this month and im hoping this was it. But could it have been too soon. My OV cycle was the week of the 17th … any advice ???
A: i asked my ob this same question. she said that they were having problems with the dollar store test, something about a lot number being bad and giving false positives, she said the best ones to take where E.P.T. and Fact Plus. Some women take longer than others for there hcg to show in urine, take me for example. My test don’t show positive till i’m about 6 weeks along, so be aware of that too. You could’ve taken the test to early, thats what it sounds like to me. its recommended to take a test 19 days after you have unprotected sex. I woud test around the 5th of april, i know it so hard to wait, but this will let you miss your period and give hcg time to build in your urine. If its still negative don’t get down, sometimes women can only show hcg in a blood test, so do that if you want to be sure. Good luck to ya, BABY DUST!!
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