How long are bunny’s pregnant

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The gestation period for a rabbit is only about 31 days. That’s only a one month pregnancy. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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they r pregnant for 30 to 35 days
Around 26-30 days put the nest box in no later than the 26 day.
Well, let’s see…cats are pregnant for about 8 weeks, dogs are pregnant for just a little more than that…why on earth would something as small as a rabbit be pregnant for 5 months? Steph and amblessed are both correct…

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Is my rabbit in labor? HELPP!?
Q: My female rabbit lives with a male (now they are sepperated) she has been with him for a little over a month and she ripis the hair off the male bunny’s face… since around 7:00 pm last night she has been having what i think are contractions, she also licks her pprivate part. she is in a bedded area and she eats and drinks normally, but she isnt acting normal. Besides ripping hair out of her belly what are other signs of pregnancy? pleaseee helpp. she also has a shoe box in her cage with ripped tissues and i believe she is bleeding a little.. how long are rabbits in labor? is she pregnant?THANK YOUUU!! :DOh and when the male tries to mount her he runs away from him and squeaks.THEY ARE NO SEPERATED!.when she lived with the male they were in an open cage.. i dont know what she was doin with the hair the wind could have blown it away! she could make a nest in the old cage it was a hutch there was nothing to make a nest out of..
A: I have never had rabbits, but it is very possible. I would definitely call the vet office or something. If she is in labor it shouldn’t have lasted this long. I have only seen cats give birth, but it might be similar. She may be expecting though. It sounds like she is getting prepared. Good luck, but it may not happen for another month. My advice is call someone and make her comfortable.
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