How long can a pregnant woman be overdue

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Most doctors will induce labor before a pregnant woman hits 42 weeks. After that it is at an extreme risk. ChaCha for now! [ Source: ]
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How long after a women gets her period is she fertile to get preg…?
The day count starts after 5th day of the period. For the average woman this is around cycle day 12 to 16. Thanks!
How long is a woman pregnant for?
A woman is pregnant for 40 weeks or 9 months. Many women will go into labor sooner which can pose several risks. Other women are pregnant for longer than 40 weeks. Usually if the pregnancy goes over 40 weeks a doctor will induce labor.
Why did hospital take so long to alert pregnant woman on H1N1??
MY WIFE who is seven months pregnant, went to the KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital on Dec 11 for an H1N1 test as she was having a fever. After the test, the hospital said they would inform us of the result only if she tested positive. The…

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40 weeks 1 day long will they go without inducing?
Q: I was due y-day but i am still pregnant.My nonstress test came back good.I am not sure how long they will let me go like this.As of last week i was just 1 cm dialated.I have been having bloody mucus which is kind of on and off.My contractions are painful but never set into a pattern ..they just stop after sometime and i go nuts.I am petite and my baby is close to 8 pounds.I am with kaiser…does anyone know what policy kaiser has for women who go overdue?i am kind of depressed and annoyed …i think its my hormones but just cant wait to have my baby.I am a proactive person and had everything packed from 37 weeks..please share your overdue experiences so that i can feel better.thanks for all your support.
A: You just need to make sure that you have enough fluids in there, and that the baby is O.K., they usually let women go 5 days past the due date, I went 9 days past, and had to be induced b/c I had almost no fluid left. If your baby is this big, and you’re petite, I think you might want to get induced as soon as possible b/c it will be harder for you – with every day the baby gets bigger and bigger. So just brace yourself, and go for it:))) Congrats and good luck!!!
How long does a pregnancy usually last?
Q: i need medical advice. Maybe this is a ridiculous question. But i was wondering if it is all possible for me to be pregnant for almost an entire year. I need to refrain from using the internet because all it does is give me information that scares me. I was reading about some woman who gave birth at almost 47 weeks. and that’s almost two months overdue. I need to know this for specific reasons that i cannot really discuss, but my pregnancy has burdened me with so much anxiety and unreasonable thoughts. I thought the placenta starts to breakdown at some point but then i also read that there has been no medical study that the placenta actually stops working or disintegrate well after your due date. Like would the placenta still be working months later. could a baby really be in there that long? how accurate are early ultrasounds? i was dated as 7 weeks on 6/6/08. PLease offer any advice u can give, links, etc. nervous now. I am supposed to be 33 weeks today and i started thinking that they had calculated everything wrong and that i have been pregnant for much longer than that. Hormones are $^%^#@. They are making me go insane. Real answers please. If u have to be mean, its’ alright i can take it
A: It’s 40 wks give or take a week maybe 2. The ultra sound is pretty accurate. I think you might be letting your imagination get the best of you.
Does Anyone Know What The Statistics Are Regarding Overdue Deliveries For First Time Mothers?
Q: I am 2 days overdue with my first baby and am wondering if I’ll be pregnant forever! I askewd my OB and he made a joke about it. When I asked him how long he would he let me go if I went past my due date, he promptly replied “Well, that depends on the bribe… A bottle of whiskey will get you in really fast, and a box of chocolates – well, maybe not so quick” He’s a real funny guy. At the time I just laughed and didn’t bother to get a real answer out of him. I was hopeful I’d just have the baby by my due date this past Sunday but here we are on Tuesday and I’m still waiting. Does anyone know what the statistics are regarding overdue delivery’s for women having a first child? Appox. how many days past due does a first time mother go before her baby is born? I can’t wait to meet my little one and I’m so scared/excited right now. The suspense is driving me crazy!
A: I dont think any doctor would let a woman go past 42 weeks anymore, and it seems common practice to induce at 41. Please dont let other women scare you about being induced! I had heard HORROR stories about inductions being long, hard and painful. It was my worst fear to be induced. Low and behold, I was 41 weeks late and my Doc decided it was time to induce. I was scared out of my mind…..Long story short, I had my beautiful baby girl 10 days ago after 9 hours of labor (i had an epidural, and the pain was MINIMAL) and 30 very very short minutes of pushing. It wsa a BREEZE! I know that sounds crazy but it truely was, so please…if you have to be induced sure there are terrible stories but so are there for normal un-induced labors as well!!! I would guess youll have your baby within the week. It seems like forever but man does the time fly……..
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