How long does it take a woman to get morning sickness when they are pregnant

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Nausea happens about week 6 due to your hormone levels rising. Remember morning sickness can happen anytime during the day. ChaCha [ Source: ]
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How long does it take a woman to get morning sickness when they a…?
Nausea happens about week 6 due to your hormone levels rising. Remember morning sickness can happen anytime during the day. ChaCha
How long does it take for pregnant woman to get morning sickness??
Nausea and vomiting can be one of the first signs of pregnancy and usually begins around the 6th week of pregnancy. It can occur at any time of the day, and for most women it seems to stop around the 12th week of pregnancy. Morning sickne…

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When should I expect my period after only one month on a low-dose birth control pill? Could I be pregnant?
Q: I’m sorry if this long entry confuses anyone, but I am trying to be as detailed as possible. I am also posting this in the pregnancy forum because I imagine that there could be a small chance of pregnancy in my situation.I was on OrthoTricyclen Lo for one month. I started taking the pill on 12-7-2008 and completed that packet, but I did NOT start taking the second pack. While on the pill, I spotted a couple times, but I figured that this was because my body was getting used to the hormones, as I had NEVER taken any form of artificial hormones up until that point. I started my period on either December 23 or 24, and it lasted until about January 1 or 2. It was somewhat of a heavy flow, but once again, I attributed that to the fact that this was my first time ever taking artificial hormones. Also, I did miss the two pills on December 21 and 22, but I made up for that by taking two pills on December 23 and 24th.I was due to resume my second packet of pills on January 4, but I have not taken any pills since the two that I took on December 24. Theoretically, had I taken this packet, I would be on the placebo pills this week, meaning that I would be on my period right now. I did not continue taking the pill because I decided that I no longer wanted to be on the pill since I found it to be a hassle and learned that they don‘t allow you to have “real periods,” but you have withdrawal bleeding instead. I’ve simply decided that I would rather stick to using condoms and spermicide.When I was first prescribed the pill, I was told that most women menstruate shortly after stopping the pill (some even sooner than expected), but sometimes it can take up to three months. I assume that this goes for women who have been on the pill for a substantial amount of time, as I originally told my doctor that I planned to be on the pill for a while. I don’t understand how a low-dose pill would be able to screw up my menstrual cycle after only one month of use, especially since my menstrual cycles have been fairly regular since I started it when I was 9, and I am now 23.I have not had any heavy vaginal bleeding since my period ended. I had protected sex on January 24 (Saturday), and on Sunday, when I wiped after using the bathroom, there was a huge GLOB of whitish-almost slightly pinkish/greenish mucus on the toilet paper. It was gigantic, almost as big as a quarter in diameter. There was a tiny reddish-brownish streak of blood in the middle of it. On January 27 (Tuesday), I wiped once that day and some of my mucus was slightly pink. Since then, I have had no form of bleeding or spotting whatsoever.At first, I was told that after one week of regular pill usage, I’d be able to have unprotected sex, but I have since heard that it takes at least one packet of pills to build up enough hormones in your body for the pill to be truly effective. I don’t know what to believe. I did have unprotected sex a couple times while I was on the pill. Before the last couple days, I took the pill perfectly — I never missed a dose, and I took every one at 9 pm exactly. I did have unprotected sex a couple days before missing those two pills, but I don’t really think I could be pregnant because I have not had any early pregnancy symptoms, such as morning sickness. Since stopping the pill, I have not had unprotected sex.So, in summary, here are my basic questions:1. Has anyone out there ever been in a similar situation? If so, how did it turn out? Any advice or thoughts?2. How long would it normally take someone who was on a low dose pill for one month to get their period after stopping the pill?3. What could the light spotting and extra mucus discharge this week possibly be due to?4. I have not taken a pregnancy test yet, but I may soon. Is there seriously a small chance that I may be pregnant through all this? Has anyone out there ever had something similar happen to them?Thanks in advance for any help or answers!
A: Stop wasting our time and go take a dang test.
7 Weeks pregnant, 23 years old, and suddenly I’m single!?
Q: I’m 23 years old, and I found out about three weeks ago that I’m pregnant with my now-ex boyfriend’s baby. We’d only been together since the beginning of September, I was on the pill, and everything was going fine. I found out around the 12th of October that I’m pregnant, I was starting to feel funny and just decided to pick up a pregnancy test, just to rule that out. Imagine my surprise when that second, slightly fuzzy line wouldn’t disappear. I stared at that stick for about 5 minutes, uncomprehending. My first reaction was shock. I yelled for my boyfriend- I told him right away. His reaction, also shock. Once I’d managed to pull my pants up and leave the bathroom, the first wave of hysteria hit. I bounced between thoughts of “he’s not the guy I want to be with- I’m in the middle of my first year of college, It’s been a damned hard year (my mother committed suicide, my sister, who I was caring for got severely into drugs and possibly prostitution…) and the very last thing I need right now is to deal with this.” And “Oh my gosh! A baby! I’m not even supposed to be ABLE to get pregnant!”The father was very excited and very frightened, in opposite shifts from me. For the first week or so, it balanced out.Flash forward a couple weeks, and he’s suddenly calling me upwards of 17 times a day, and angry if I don’t answer. He demands all of my spare time, and ignores the fact that I have 2 big dogs to care for- I can’t just leave for days on end. He’s supposed to be moving in at the end of November, and suddenly I feel like I’m drowning…. he won’t leave me alone. One day, he calls me at 6am, to brag that he’s beaten the shit out of his cat- the only reason it’s alive is that it wriggled into a space he can’t get to before he could stomp on it’s head. Why? Because the cat knocked down some of the banners that were covering all of the windows in my boyfriend’s house.I tried, very calmly and gently, to explain to him that I am an animal lover- I am deeply involved in animal rescue, and I have two cats and two dogs because I can’t leave them in situations exactly like the the one his cat is in. He flipped out, beat up his table, started throwing furniture, and punched the fridge. Immediately afterwards, he started bawling and kicking and trying to quite literally crawl into my lap- and all I could see were visions of the furniture he’d thrown hitting my child, hurting her. I tried to leave and he wouldn’t let me. He threatened suicide. I promised to give it another try.Almost two weeks later, I cannot stomach the sight of him. Every time we talk, he mentions some woman who pissed him off and he wants to punch her in the mouth, some clerk that took too long, and he wants to burn down the store. How did I miss this before?Now, 7.5 weeks pregnant, I’m heading in for my ultrasound in a few minutes, and I’m torn. I’ve broken up with the father, I’m broke, morning sickness thwarts my attempts at staying caught up in school, and the father won’t leave me alone. He’s threatening to take my baby away, threatening to follow me wherever I go. Promising that no matter what I say, he’ll be a full-time father. The last time we fought, out of anger, I told him that it will be hard to be a full-time father when the full-time mother won’t allow it. He told me that he’ll fight and take my baby because he has a job and a big family- he’s better able to support it. I coldly said that he can’t take a baby that doesn’t exist, and then he threatened suicide. In this situation, I’m terrified first off, that with such a horrible temper and the hallmarks of an abuser, I’ll be fighting forever to keep my child from him, out of harm’s way. I’m terrified because I’m in school, I’m not working, so I’m ineligible for EI, and I am beyond flat broke. And finally, I’m petrified of being a mother.But at the same time, I want nothing more than to have this baby, hold her (I’m positive it’s a girl) in my arms, and give her the love that I lacked, growing up in an abusive home and then being pushed through the fostercare system. I know that if I carry this baby to term, I will not be able to give her up for adoption. My mother did that to my brother and it scarred them both… my nana, the only family member whose opinion I honestly trust, won’t give me any advice. I get my mind settled on aborting, and then find myself making plans for how I can do this on my own. What should I do?
A: To be honest, noone can tell you what you should or shouldn’t do (that’s probably the reason your Nana won’t give you advice – she can’t).I’d call the police about the father (constant calls, threats of following you etc, equals harassment and might be enough to get a restraining order on the father) – and documenting any of this even befoe the baby is born will go a long way if he does indeed pursue taking the baby from you in the future,it will show the court a pattern of instability (mentally) and anger isues.All I can say is good luck, but remember, that abortion is a final answer (and one that has to be made quickly). And if you’re having ANY doubts about it, if you think that you really want to be a mother, than finding out a way to do it is key. There are a lot of groups and support out there for single mothers who need it. It will take some research but if its something that you stongly want there are ways to do it.
I’m 9 weeks pregnant i dont have a doctor and i just have a couple questions..?
Q: well im 19 and i dont have a doctor to talk to or anything but i filed for medicaid so i should be able to go to the doctors soon enough but in the meantime i just have a couple questions about my pregnancy so far and hope that someone out there can help..first of all, i havent had morning sickness the entire time the only time i threw up was when i tried taking the prenatals so i just take the flinstones complete everyday instead and ive stocked up on the plain cheerios cereal that has 50% folic acid per serving and i just snack on handfuls throughout the day but besides that the closest thing that ive had to morning sickness was throwing up in my mouth a little at about 5-6wks preg and ive had slight nausea almost everyday starting at week 2 and ive read a few women say that they didnt have morning sickness and had a miscarriage and some that didnt have morning sickness and were fine.. and i guess i just need that reasssurance that my baby is okay and then besides not really having morning sickness im not constipated either, prior to pregnancy i was regular and now im just super regular i go probably 1 to 2 or 3 times more than i used to everyday and i think that this causes me to be more hungry than i would be if i was constipated i usually wake up about 2-3 hours after i fall asleep and be starving!! even though i just ate right before i went to sleep! and like today after i scarfed down a huge! plate beef rice and black beans i was hungry about 30mins later..i have also gained a lot of weight im kinda chubby a bit over average weight ive gained about 12-15lbs and im only 9 weeks i dont get it even though im eating a lot (probably 90-95% of what i eat daily is really healthy foods) i also go to the bathroom a lot and i excercise daily so how am i gaining all this weight? but honestly it doesnt even look like ive gained weight maybe the scale is busted or the weight i gained was scattered legs/belly/butt, and im only 5ft tall, does being short have anything to do with the way you gain weight during pregnancy? ughh this is getting to speed things up..i was also wondering if feeling a sort of warm feeling in your body and belly is normal? and is some kind of slow light ballet sort of dancing with no jumping a good excercise while pregnant? i did some ballet when i was little and idk i just like it..and what are some foods i can eat to feel full longer while pregnant? cuz everything i try doesnt seem to work im hungry alll of the time!! sorry about the length i just really want to try to have the healthiest pregnancy i can, even though i havent met him or her yet i love my baby soo much..when i tried taking the prenatal at night i woke up a few hours later and threw up..i tried taking them at different times of the day and all 3 times i threw upwell im not taking up dancing now, ever since i was 2 ive been a singing dancing fool so my mom says lol
A: Firstly, CONGRATS!!!Dont stress out aout not getting morning sickness, it just means our one of the lucky ones! My advice to you is while your waiting to see a doctor take it as easy as possible, dont stress cause that is the worst thing for your baby! just relax and you and your baby will be fine! You sound like your doing a wonderful job! Eat plenty of greens (ie lettuce,spinach) this will increase your metabolism and help you to digest the food quickly so the fatty parts are expelled. Drink plenty of water too. Its fine that your gaining weight your pregnant your allowed to! And as for all the eating. Pregnant womens appetites increase dramatically you have nothing to worry bout just make sure you dont go overboard and when you feel hungry snack on healthy things not junk food. Do things like bits of fruit etc. try stearing clear of foods with cahbohydrates unless it meal times. Those are the foods that will make you gain weight. But keep in mind its what your supposed to be doing right now.Avoid anything that could harm your baby like cigarettes (even people smoking around you), heavy lifting, alcohol, etc. i know your probably like derr i no these things but im just giving you al the advice i have!Excercise is fine but I’ve been told its bad to take up excercise while pregnant, just stick to routines your used to and it could be very beneficial for you and the baby.I know how it feels to love your baby straight away! It sounds like you’ll be a wonderful mother so just take care of yourself and thigs will fall into place. GOOD LUCK and heres hoping to a happy, healthy, problem free 9 months!
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