How long does it take for a girl to find out if she’s pregnant

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Some women experience signs or symptoms of pregnancy within a week of conception. It is important to take a pregnancy test. [ Source: ]
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How long it takes for a girl to find out she’s pregnant?
You should have a period every 28-32 days. You should usually wait until you’ve missed your period, or 28-32 days after the first day of your last period, to take a pregnancy test. You can take a first response test 4 days sooner, but it’s …

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how long does it take for a girl to find out if she’s pregnant?
Q: i have a friend and he wants to know if his girls pregnant. if you tell me i would like you very… jk but thanx in advance.
A: A couple weeks after they have sex. Like 2-3. Some women produce the hcg in higher amounts sooner. I just found out I’m pregnant yesterday and I conceived 2 1/2 weeks ago.
Why does it take a lot of guys a long time to mature? Read the details?
Q: i have 3 guys friends- all about to turn 30 in the next year- all straight- it is strange because each wants to get married, and complains about how they meet girls and the girls are all crazy, weird, etc- but like it really is them-they have all had many partners for sex, they have all been in many dating relationships, they are all very picky- about how a girl looks like oh your too short, too tall, breasts too big, hair too short, etc.i have said to each of them they won’t find the right girl because they are way too immature, and unreliable-like how can you date girls come in and out of their life- show up to dates over an hour late- call them on and off- and think being with them is going to work- so needless to say- i see my guy friends being single till they are like 40+ because of how they behave they treat girls like sexual objects- not as people- then they lie about being busy with school and work and that’s why they can’t get around to finding the right person- like i was listening to the Beyonce song- “If I were a boy” and the lyric “when you lose the one you wanted, because he’s taken her for granted, and everything you had got destroyed”that’s so true- like it always looks greener on the other side, and it isn’t.then when guys like this get older they miss some of the girls they dated, but they really have themselves to blame-you can’t think that a girl is just a sexual object- she’s worth more than just that- and a lot of guys just want to get in a girl’s pants- and it’s sad- then when they get an STD, or get the girl pregnant, and get hit up with child support they can’t take it- that’s what happens when your out there having fun and not thinking- right- it’s the whole what comes around goes around- LOL-LOL- it is a question- not a venting section and not a blog- i just expressed my feelings on it- if you don’t like the question don’t respond- oh and if you respond without answering the question expect to get reported-
A: I dont know why they take so much longer.Maybe you should talk with them.I love that song!
Do you think she will come back? If not then what should I do? She’s pregnant…?
Q: I’m not really sure of where to start so I’ll just start at the beginning. I have been with this woman for about 5 months. She is 23, I’m 20. It all started with me dating her sister. I know, bad idea… But I followed my heart. Well, we started dating and one thing led to another. I began seeing her every day, talking day and night, etc. Eventually I fell for her unlike any feelings I ever had towards her sister. About 2 months ago we found out we were having a baby. It really struck home to me seeing as how my first son from a past (long term relationship of almost 4 years) was a still born. I was happy and actually felt like life was headed in the right direction. I mean, I have a good job, a wonderful woman by my side, etc. We started looking into places to live together before she found out she was pregnant but when she did find out we started looking harder. Finally, we found one. BUT… not 4 days after we signed the lease she decides that she isn’t ready to move in with me. Well, that led to her leaving me. About a week later we were reunited and I thought things were going great. We went out of town together to get some time away from our busy lives and things were perfect. We got back in town on a Tuesday and I noticed the whole ride home she wanted no conversation. Hell, no talking at all. She went a week without coming to see me nor me being able to go see her. (Did I mention that she already has one kid whom I’ve grown very close to in the last 8 months I’ve known her?) Well, last Tuesday (April 28th or so) she left me. Since then I’ve done everything in my power to get her to talk to me, see me, lemme come see her, or anything. I’ve sent flowers, told her how I felt, asked her to talk. I even tried the whole “play hard to get” card by not talking to her the day we broke up followed by the day after. Eventually she texted me first the next day to see how I was. Now I try to limit our converstations to see if I can “make her miss me.” Even that isn’t working. I make enough money at 20 years old to support her, this kid and her son who I look at like my own and told her she doesn’t have to work right now if she doesn’t want to. Just take care of the children and keep the house clean. If she wants to work, then ok. As long as she’s happy. In a nutshell, I feel like I’ve lost my world. I’ve already lost one child and not by choice. I feel like I’m losing another. I’m usually over a break up in a matter of a day or so. This time it’s different. I can’t eat, sleep, or even function. I have lost her, the one girl that has been there for me and became apart of my family all while giving me a family. Her son, who I look at like my own and looks up to me as a role model. And this one she’s carrying. I want to be there at 2 in the morning to get Wendy’s when she’s craving late night snacks. Or to get to feel the baby kick. I wanna hold her hand in labor. I want to listen to her moan about how bad this pregnancy is killing her. I just want to be a dad but most importantly, I want to be a family. I am not the type of guy to get a girl knocked up and leave. I’ve done everything in my power to get her to realize that there aren’t many guys out there like me. (Not pinning a rose on me but I am self confident about that part. I was raised right thank God) Maybe some advice from anyone… Anyone please?!? I don’t know what to do. Maybe there is something I haven’t tried or something I did wrong that I don’t see. I have no idea. Any input would be greatly appreciated. (And please, no mean/arrogant responses. I’ve been put through enough hell in the last 2 weeks) But any constructive critisism or advice will be greatly appreciated. I haven’t cried over a girl in years… But now, I can’t stop.I know she’s going through alot. She just found out her grandmother has alzheimers and she’s been at the hospital with her. But I kinda figured girls wanted someone to lean on in their time of need. Not push me away. And I didn’t TELL her she didn’t have to work. I just gave her an option because I know she was complaining of not having alot of time for her son seeing as how she just got out of the military of 4 years.
A: I’m really sorry about your situation and I wish I had better advice to give you, but the only thing I can say is that if all else fails, tell her she can’t stop you from seeing your kid once she/he is born. She might try to avoid you, but it’s YOUR child too.Try to talk to her and see why she’s acting this way. Just straight out ask her, no more games.Edit:I have a few things to add. =)One, I think you’re an amazing guy for trying to stick with her. Like you said, most guys would just run off. So even if things don’t turn out alright for you in the end, don’t blame yourself. Really.I wouldn’t recommend constantly going at her, like telling her she doesn’t have to work or anything. You might make her feel like she has to give up everything because she’s pregnant. Maybe she wants to work, you never know.Talk to her, but don’t throw yourself at her. She has enough going on with the crazy hormones without you going at her all the time.Good luck. =)
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