How long does it take for a woman to know she is pregnant with morning sickness

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If you are pregnant a pregnancy test will likely be positive four weeks after your last period. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How long does it take for a women to know that she is pregnant li…?
first, get a test. then get a blood test. missed periods is a good sign you are pregnant, but not always as accurate as a test. that’s the way to find out gl sweetie

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Could I maybe be pregnant?
Q: 10 weeks prior to this wednesday March 11th( May 20) I had unprotected sex with my fiancee. My fiancee is in the navy, returned home for a few days, and I am on depo provera so i didnt even worry about using protection because I guess depo provera is suppose to be very “effective”. So anyway i didnt think i would even be pregnant. I did take two pregnancy tests but they always come out negative! I have looked some things up and there have been women who are on depo provera and have become pregnant but the home pregnancy test is negative whenever they take it. Anyway but my breasts or nipples have become a little tender, just a little, and i have some brown spotting. I have started to feel really tired lately but that could be becasue i live in Arizona where its extremely hot? Some food cravings. Nothing else i can think of. Nothing really other than that, does that mean i am more than likely not pregnant? I am mainly concerned becasue i have been on the depo provera long enough to know how it effects my body and i have never had spotting or period whenever i am on the depo provera and this comes out of no where! Brown spotting. But like I said I am not sure because all of these women say your suppose to feel this way when i dont feel certain ways, actually my mom had a friend who loved being pregnant becasue she never had any morning sickness or anything. All help is appreciated. Oh and it wasnt just a wednesday or that wednesday in march we had unprotected sex it was a couple to a few other times too. So yeah. Who knows.I am having some minor i guess cramp feelings too.I HAVE NEVER HAD A PERIOD during depo provera, for some reason it gets rid of my period, and now brown spotting?
A: If you’re on Depo, it would be considered protected sex. Depo is very rare to be pregnant on. You could be stressed out or tired, maybe not having enough water if it’s hot out, which can effect your cycle & physical feelings. Or if you have done recent abnormal excercise, that effects your cycle.Some other first symptoms of pregnancy are: abnormal sense of smell, frequent urination. (Though remember, if you start drinking more water all a sudden, that will increase your urine :D).If your period is quite late, why not check up with the doctor – they can make sure everything is okay & maybe do a blood test for pregnancy.
Hey preggies, how was your day?
Q: If I remember before I go to bed I ask everyone how their day was. Just because I know how stressful the pregnant life is.-I had my ultrasound today, I posted about it earlier. I wanted to clear that I know my baby is not distressed I just think that she is stressed. When I am stressed I usually hide from everyone, so I think she is taking after her mom so soon. And I hit my belly sort of hard on the edge of the counter last night. /: -I have been super hungry today. I started out with morning sickness and after my appointment I went to Burger King. I had eaten out a totaly of three times in the five months I have been pregnant. I am scared that I am going to gain too much weight and my doctor is old fashion and wants me to gain weight. I have heard women say how hard it is to lose baby weight. My baby weighs one pound like she is supposed to so I do not need to worry about that. And Mall*Mart did not have no Strawberry Chex cereal and I had to settle on Fruit Loops.-I have tried taking a nap because I did not get any sleep lastnight. Someone was yelling or having music turned up to high. When I go to sleep I turn the air on 50. My pregnant skin is always burning and hot. And someone turned it up to 75 and it made me upset.-I am trying to figure out if my job will let me have a few days off for when I go and have Sweet Pea. I work online for a Health Insurance benefit company and I have to sign in. I do not know if they are like everyone else and let you have it off. I have to sign in everyday. And since I work online I am not sure what they will say. I also do not want to call them unless if I am being induced, C-sectioned or at 36 just take time off. I mean do they HAVE to give me time off? It sounds dumb, I know, I just never had a baby before so I do not know what happens work wise.-I can put my hand on my tummy and feel Zoie kick. I can also lay down on my back and see her kick through my stomach. -What show do you look forward to each week? Like most girls I like I didn’t Know I Was Pregnant. But, I LOVE the Health Channel, Discovery channel, History Channel and National Geographics. I never miss Deadliest Catch, Jeopardy[I know it’s daily] and RUBY.-My scanner is broken so I cannot upload my new ultrasound pictures. I did get a dvd but it is so long that it is in different chapters. -.-‘ Tell me how your day was! [:
A: Well, im not preg at the time, atleast i dont think i am lol. However i have had 3 children and can relate to some of your thinking. I really think that its cool that you post these daily blogs, its sorta like a diary. Have you ever considered, saving this info that you write daily for your baby? If not, you should, this is a great way for children to one day read and see what it was like for you to be their lifeline for nine months..and also beyond lol! Anyway hope you have a good nite!!
Not a question… Just for laughs :)?
Q: For those who can use a laugh:”YES, I’m pregnant again. YES, I know what causes it. NO I don’t think I’ve had too many!””Unless you are the one who put this baby in here or the one who will take it out, you are not allowed to touch my belly!””I’m a Pregasauraus…mess with me and you’ll be extinct.””There is no finer investment for any community than putting milk into babies.” (Churchill) “Diaper backward spells repaid. Think about it.” (McLuhan)”People who say they sleep like a baby usually don’t have one” (Burke)Pregnancy Jokes:Q. Should I have a baby after 35?A. No, 35 children is enough.Q. When will my baby move?A. With any luck, right after he finishes high school.Q. How will I know if my vomiting is morning sickness or the flu?A. If it’s the flu, you’ll get better.Q. Since I became pregnant, my breasts, rear-end, and even my feet have grown. Is there anything that gets smaller during pregnancy?A. Yes, your bladder.Q. What is the most common pregnancy craving?A. For men to be the ones who get pregnant.Q. What is the most reliable method to determine a baby’s sex?A. Childbirth.Q. The more pregnant I get, the more often strangers smile at me. Why?A. ‘Cause you’re fatter than they are.Q. My wife is five months pregnant and so moody that sometimes she’s borderline irrational.A. So what’s your question?Q. What’s the difference between a nine-month pregnant woman and a model?A. Nothing, if the pregnant woman’s husband knows what’s good for him.Q. How long is the average woman in labor?A. Whatever she says, divided by two.Q. My childbirth instructor says it’s not pain I’ll feel during labor, but pressure. Is she right?A. Yes, in the same way that a tornado might be called an air current.Q. When is the best time to get an epidural?A. Right after you find out you’re pregnant.Q. Is there any reason I have to be in the delivery room while my wife is in labor?A. Not unless the word “alimony” means anything to you.Q. What does it mean when the baby’s head is crowning?A. It means you feel as though not only a crown but the entire throne is trying to make its way out of you.Q. Is there anything I should avoid while recovering from childbirth?A. Yes, pregnancy.Q. Does pregnancy cause hemorrhoids?A. Pregnancy causes anything you want to blame it for.Q. Where is the best place to store breast milk?A. In your breasts.Q. Is there a safe alternative to breast pumps?A. Yes, baby lips.Q. What does it mean when a baby is born with teeth?A. It means that the baby’s mother may want to rethink her plans to nurse.Q. How does one sanitize nipples?A. Bathe daily and wear a clean bra. It beats boiling them in a saucepan.Q. What are the terrible twos?A. Your breasts after baby stops nursing cold turkey.Q. What is the best time to wean the baby from nursing?A. When you see teeth marks.Q. Do I have to have a baby shower?A. Not if you change the baby’s diaper very quickly.Q. Our baby was born last week. When will my wife begin to feel and act normal again?A. When the kids are in college.
A: i havent laughed out loud at a joke in a long time .. thanks lol
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