How long does it take to get prego

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Some couples get pregnant as soon as they start trying, while for others it might take a year or two to conceive. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How long did it take you to get prego?
I’m 28 and I had been on birth control for about 12 years. After I quite my birth control it took 4 months to get pregnant.
How long does it take to get prego after you are taken off the de…?
It depends on when the shot was ended. For most birth control, 3 months off of it is enough time for your body to get normal.
How long will it take me to get prego after one depo shot??
maybe this can help —->… good luck!

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How long does it take to get prego after birth control?
Q: I took birth control pillls (portia) for three months, and my hubby came home from overseas a month later and i was able to concieve right away (within two days of him being home). I lost the baby but now we are going to try again. I have only been on birth control for a month (yasmin), but my doctor said we can start trying again. Do you think my chances are good to conceive within the first couple months again? I hope so.
A: i stoped taking mine in oct. and was pregnant in nov. it just depends on the person.. i hope all the best to you. good luck!
How long does it take for a rabbit to get prego?
Q: I bought this femle and my male rbbit did his thing about 6 times and now idk if she is pregnte it was only 3 dys go how long does it take for them to get prego fter having sex? (also she is not etting alot does the have sumthin to do with her mybe being prego?)
A: …After the first time you should have seperated them. Yes, she is pregnant. No doubt about it! in 28-31 days you will have baby buns, take good care of them please.
Does any know how long does it take to come out prego after getting off the pill.?
Q: I just got off the pill in June but 2 cycles has passed and nothing. I thought once you got off the pill you get prego immediately, doesn’t seem that way.
A: You should ask you doctor. I know about the Depo Shot. It takes a year n half to get pregnant after takin that. But you wont get pregnant immediately becuz the pills just tricks your body into bein pregnant.So I would say ask you doctor/gyn.
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