How long is a golden retriever pregnant

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Whether it is a Great Dane, or the tiny Chihuahua, the gestation period for dogs is the same, approximately nine weeks! [ Source: ]
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How long does a golden retriever’s pregnancy usually last??
All dogs have a pregnancy between 59 and 65 days. Both my bitches go to 65 but it can be afew days earlier so i always do the temp so i can be sure when pups will arrive so im there with her.
How long is the pregnancy period of golden retriever dog??
i have bred my golden twice and found that she was to the day 62 days from the day they hooked up. the first time she had 10 pups then second she ended up having 14. i also took her in to get a xray of the amount of pups she would have and …
How long does a golden retrievers pregnancy last
The gestation period (time from conception to delivery) for Golden Retrievers is approximately 9 weeks (63 days). ChaCha on!

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How long until you can feel puppies in your pregnant Golden Retriever?
Q: My dods did the deed on December 10. Her mams are swollen and she waddles a bit. I still can’t feel pups and she is due in a month.
A: Go to the vet!!!!
How long do dogs (Golden Retrievers) take to be pregnant and have puppies?
Q: My golden retrievers accidentally had an action that they weren’t supposed to, and I wanted to see the chances of my female getting pregnant by doing it once. How long does it take for a dog to be pregnant? And what signs do you see for a dog to be pregnant?Both of my dogs are 16 months, so I wanted to see if their ages were okay to have puppies or not. Thanks!
A: here is an excellent illustrated site about breeding, pregnancy and whelping..It will help you give mom and pups the best of care> IS a little young, as she isn’t mature herself yet..So she will need to have great care, while carrying the puppies..Golden Retrievers aren’t fully mature until 3 years old, but she is most likely pregnant…by the way, all dogs, regardless of breed carry pups for nine weeks (63 days) give or take 5 days..there is no way to tell if she is pregnant until at least 21 that time her girth at the last rib will begin to grow… So, if you measure it now, and again at 21 days, you will know..Otherwise the vet can tell at 31 days.
How long is a dog usually pregnant for??
Q: I think my dog is pregnant, help! I have a yellow lab who mated with a golden retriever today I believe. How long is that time while she’s pregnant? Does anyone have experience with this? Does she usually does everything on her own? Thanx!
A: Average gestation is 63 days. Typically, b*tches will whelp anywhere from 61-65 days. And no she will not be able to do everything on her own. Things can go terribly wrong during labor and you could end up with a dead dog and dead puppies. Trust me, I see it much too often.Personally, if this was my dog I would have her spayed as soon as possible.
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