How long is a mouse pregnant

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The pregnancy gestation period for a mouse is exactly three weeks. ChaCha for now! [ Source: ]
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The gestation period in mice is only about 21 days long.Female mice are called does and male mice are called bucks. You can usually not tell if a mouse is pregnant until around the third week when rapid weight gain appears.
around 18 to 21 days
Almost a month not quite about 20 days give or take a few days.And they usually have maybe 10 – 12 a litter.

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How long will a mouse be pregnant before it gives birth?
Q: My female mouse is pregnant, and right now, she is so fat and lumpy, she looks like a ball! So, can anyone tell me how long they are pregnant until the baby(s) pop out? And how many babies can she have?
A: Sounds like she is due any day. They usually don’t get “lumpy” until right before the babies are born.
Is it possible for a mouse to be pregnant longer than 21 days? If so how much longer and why? ?
Q: When I was given my mice girls and boys were kept together. 9 adult girls and 2 boys. It seemed likely that most if not all the girls would be pregnant. However 3 weeks have passed and only 1 litter has been born. Looking at the girls now (the boys have moved house!), one is very fat but none of the others obviously pregnant. Maybe I’m just lucky (not enought cages!) or maybe more are coming?
A: i used to breed mice. the thing is all the females go into heat around the same time as long as they have lived together. heat only last 2-5 days. now only having 2 males maybe they couldn’t get around to all of them within the 2-5 days. one male might be more dominate & that will make the other male timid about getting it on w/ the females. also females might only mate w/ the dominate male because she wants her babies to be as big as possible & healthy. only wanting to take genes from the bigger, healthier male. mice don’t necessarily get pregnant the first time mating happens either. timing is everything w/ breeding mice. you should isolate one male & two females in a separate cage for at least a week, up to 2.5 weeks. that way you can insure they will be pregnant. 21-28 days after the conception she will pop. sometime when you have aggressive females in the cage w/ pregnant females the pregos can miscarry from the stress, you will not find any dead, half developed babies in the cage. females will absorb the miscarriage so you will never know if she was really pregnant. after you separate the females from the males to wait for the babies keep those two females together separatelyfrom the other mice so those two can have their babies at theach otherme & help eachother raise them together. maybe thow another (not prego) female in there with them to help nanny. don’t be surprised if you find the females eating the babies. they only eat the underdeveloped one, unhealthy ones or there may be too many babies for the mice to handle. and also do not touch the babies for at least 4-5 days after birth. the mother will eat them because they will be “tainted” w/ human smell. she may feel like all the babies are theatened & eat them all. i’ve had it happen. i’ve had litters of 9-10 & 3-4 survive. only the strong will survive, it is disturbing to watch & hear the babies get eaten. that is why i stopped breeding. you will need to get a lot of cages. i had 7 total w/ about 30 mice. 10 gallon tanks w/ screen lids work the best. also you will not be able to put the new babies back in w/ all the other females. the other females might eat them. wait until they are at least 3-4 weeks old. also seperate all the male babies bacuse they will be able to reproduce at 3-4 weeks old. my suggestion would be to count 28 days from the last day the males & females were together. if you have no babies by them you are safe.
How long is a white mouse pregnant for ?
A: 71dasd13123123 years
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