How long is ovulation

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Ovulation occurs over 1 day, but it is possible to become pregnant up to 7 day prior and after. ChaCha on! [ Source: ]
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How long is ovulation?
Ovulation typically last for about a day (24 hours). Ovulation usually occurs halfway through your period cycle. So, if you have a 28 day cycle, you most likely would ovulate on day 14.
Is it all right to use my Saliva Ovulation Predictor Test all mon…?
Yes, you may use your tester all month long. Please note the question above and pay particular attention to the patterns that develop around the time of expected ovulation.
Were any other signs of ovulation monitored? For how long??
RAH – There might be as many different individual signs of ovulation as there are women on planet Earth! Rather than even attempt a comprehensive list, I’ll just include those that have been discussed on any of the three newsgroups. – RAH

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Is there any medical information available telling you how long ovulation can last?
Q: hiya, i just wanted to know if anyone knew of any medical information of how long ovulation should/normally last? or is it different for all woman? just im not with my partner till fri but i started ovulation yesterday so i was wondering if it could be possible to still have a high chance of concieving over the weekend?thanks xcx
A: Hi as far as I know you only have one ovulation day but you actually have about 4 or 5 fertile days because the sperm can stay alive inside you for a few days.. x** Oh sorry I didnt read your question fully. TBH I dont think you will be still fertile on Friday. If you ovulated yesterday, you might still have a little chance of getting pregnant today but Friday is too far away.. Get some ovulation tests to be sure you are ovulating now. x
when does ovulation occurs after cervical mucous?
Q: today i went for my ultrasound to see how big my follicles are,i got two on left one is 26mm and take a shot tonight and IUI on saturday.and after that i got a lot cervical mucous(streched and white)so i wanna know when getting mucous after how long ovulation will occur?
A: The EWCM ( egg white cervicle mucus) usually occurs within 2 to 3 days of Ovulaion. So you should be good to go soon. The milky white cercivle mucus usually comes AFTER you have ovulated.
How long after ovulation pains do you actually release the egg?
Q: I’m having ovulation pains right this minute! My LH surge was confirmed this morning and later on today by positive ovulation tests. The pains i’m experiencing are definitely ovulation pains on my right side. How long after getting these pains does your body actually release the egg?And anyone know how long it is until the egg could actually be fertilised? (had sex this morning, planning on doing it again tonight)And finally, if an egg was fertilised, roughly how long is it until the egg implants into the womb?
A: Unfort there is no way to pinpoint the exact moment the egg is released, but once it is released you have 12-24 hrs to fertilize it before it dies. Continue to have sex for the next 2 days and then you have to wait at least 2 weeks to test. That’s the hard part – waiting! It takes 5-10 to implant itself in your uterus. Goodluck!!
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