How long until you show that your pregnant

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On average, it may be as early as 12 to 18 weeks. First-time moms who have “six-pack abs’ may not show until around 20 weeks. [ Source: ]
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How long until hCG will show up on a pregnancy test??
Just remember false negatives are common…rarely will you see a false positive. You sure do sound pregnant. I have never been more uncomfortable than the first trimester and the last weeks of being pregnant. i didn’t know bloating could be…
How long until pregnancy signs begin to show?
more likely if you are on birth control your not pregnant, that is if your taking it correctly. in 1 week i would take a pregnancy test. and do it each week from there up to your next period. if it makes you feel better i doubt your pregnan…
Who has gotten pregnant after the period has ended? How long unti…?
I’m kind of scared of getting pregnant this month because my husband came inside me the day I was supposed to start the new pack of BC pills. I didn’t start this pack because I was having too much spotting and we decided instead to use cond…

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how long until your personal pregnancy test can really tell that you’re pregnant?
Q: I feel like am pregnant, but not really sure. when I took my personal test this morning, it showed negative sign. I heard some people took several times to test themselves but ended up negative whereas they’re actually pregnant? how that can be?
A: Okay here is the thing. An over the counter urine test is as good as you are going to get anywhere. As far as when you can take it, some you can take very soon, up to five days before your missed period but you should use a first morning sample and I wouldn’t totally trust it. However, if you are a day or two late I would trust it. If you havent had a period in a week test again. If it is still negative I would just calm down and trust the test. If you still havent had a period in another week you should go to your doctor for a blood test.
How long until I start showing?
Q: I am 5’5″ and weight about 118… I found out two days ago that I was pregnant with a home pregnancy test, but am going to a doctor today to be sure. At what time should I start to show? I am already bloated, which is noticeable, but how long does it usually take for a girl to look obviously pregnant? Also, when is it usually appropriate to tell your work? Thank you : )Becca
A: I was 5’5″ and about 125 lbs. I noticed my stomach getting bigger around 4 months but it wasn’t really noticeable to others until at least the 5th month. And I remember that I just couldn’t wait to have that cute round pregnant belly!!Oops, missed the second question. I think it is a good time to tell people somewhere around the 3rd month to give them time to prepare as well. I couldn’t wait so i told people when I was only 2 months.
how long before your missed period will a blood test know if your pregnant?
Q: everyone in my family are saying take a blood test, but how long before your missed period, will it show up? and how is a blood test diferent from a pee test? out of all of my friends that have had babies before or that are pregnant now most are saying, that they had a period a few weeks into their pregnancies one actually had one right after she ended up positive. how can you have a period when your pregnant? at the end of july i had a very unusuall period but still a period, so do i know have to wait until the end of aug. or begining of sep. to know? the home test i took 2 weeks ago said negative. im soo confused! i dont think i understand this whole thing very well.
A: When you get a positive result has nothing to do with when your period is due. There is an assumption that women ovulate 14 days before the start of their next period, but this is just an estimation and can vary greatly between individuals and in one women from month to month.After ovulation it takes about 6-12 days for the egg to implant. As little as 24 hours after implantation you can get a positive result from a blood test. A urine test generally takes about 48 hours to show a positive result (depending on the sensitivity).So even assuming that you *did* ovulate 14 days before your period was due some women you could test positive with a urine test as soon as 6 days before your expected period or not until your period is due. If you ovulated later it would be longer before you would get a result.Many women experience bleeding in early pregnancy, it isn’t really a “period” but it can have just as much blood as one, but generally it is lighter.good luck!
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