How many days a month is a woman fertile

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A woman is usually able to get pregnant for about 5 days each month, around the days when ovulation occurs. ChaCha On! [ Source: ]
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How many days of the month is a woman fertile?
You only ovulate ONE day a month (which can be anywhere from cycle day 8-20) but sperm can live in your body for 3-5 days so you can get pregnant if you have sex in the days leading up to ovulation. Add: google ovulation or family planning …
Which are the fertile days of the month for the woman??
The day you start your periods is “Day 1”. A woman ovulates around day 14, if the cycle is of 28 days i.e. the egg is released from the ovary on the 14 days prior to beginning of the next menstrual period. The egg is viable for 24 hours i.e…

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How many days in a month is a woman fertile and is most likely to conceive?
A: try ths site or similar ones should hopefully work
Ladies: How many days a month is a woman fertile?
A: Usually once a month, for about 2 days before they ovulate and the day of ovulation. But, some women have fertile periods more than once in their cycle. They can tell if they’re using methods to detect when they’re about to ovulate – it’s common for women to sometimes get a couple of patches of fertile cervical mucus in a month.
how many days a month is a woman actually fertile and able to conceive?
Q: just wondered and TY
A: your only able to concieve 1-2 days a month. When those 2 days come though can fluctuate, so if you don’t want to get pregnant, wear a condom since abstaining during ovulation isn’t a very effective form of birth control.
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