How many days can you miss birth control

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The most common way women get pregnant while using The Pill is starting late. * 1 day late starting the next package: Take MORE? [ Source: ]
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What if you miss 4 days of birth control pills could you get preg…?
Of course you CAN get pregnant. This is why you take a pill every day-to prevent pregnancy. A missed pill can result in no protection and pregnancy.
Can you still get pregnant if i missed one day of your birth cont…?
yes, you can. i’m on birth control. and the more days that you miss taking the pill, the easier it is to get pregnant. missing days increases your chances of getting pregnant.
How many days do you miss of your period when u recently stopped …?
There isn’t really any way to know how late you are. You shouldn’t stop taking the pill mid-cycle because it will throw you off. I would take a test now and if it is negative then wait a couple of weeks and if you haven’t had your period by…

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How many birth control pills can you miss?
Q: I don’t have the paper with the directions, but I accidentally missed 3 pills! I took two the next day and then another 2 so I’d be back on track. But I don’t know if they’ll be working now. I have 3 more pills until the “period” pills (in which I usually start the 3rd day of taking them.” So could I get pregnant? And after how many pills should you stop taking that pack and start a new one next month? THanks!Like I said, I don’t have the instructions on when it says if you miss one, take two the next day, etc.
A: Just finish your pack as usually would, but make sure to use extra birth control measures, you are not as protected right now as you would be without skipping them.I would finish as usual, because if you just stop and not use it for a month, then the next whole pack is not as safe as it should be, because your body has to get used to the hormones again.(Like when you switch to a different birth control pill, first month is also not considered ‘safe’)EDIT: Judging from the different reactions from everyone, call your docter and ask, because I have no clue who is right and who is wrong.
How many birth control pills can you safely take in one day?
Q: I became a few days late on my pills (pregnancy isn’t a worry, I just want to catch up and get on the right day), I know you should take one as soon as you realized you missed it. But is taking 5 in one day really beneficial? I’m also taking perscribed medication, so I don’t know if that will cause an issue at taking so many at one time.
A: There is no catching up on medication. If you miss a dose just forget it and stay on the regular schedule. More isn’t better. Throw away the missed pills. Or you can save them and add to the end.
How many days after missing a pill would you experience spotting?
Q: I am not expecting my period for another week and a half. I have been on birth control for about 5 months now, and a week ago a missed a pill. The next day I doubled up as instructed, but I know that that can cause spotting. How long after I miss my pill would the spotting happen?
A: Typically? The day you missed the pill. Of course, if you’re sensitive or make a habit out of missing pills, you may experience break through bleeding more often and obviously a higher risk of unwanted or unplanned pregnancy. Since you missed a pill, it’s probably a wise idea to use condoms until you can be trusted to keep on track with the pills. Hopefully you were honest with your sexual partner about the missed pill. Chances of pregnancy are still very small though, of course.
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