How many days out of a month can you get pregnant

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It is possible to get pregnant on any given day, it is just more likely on some than others. Just ask ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How many days a month can you get pregnant?
there is about a 4 day window every month that you can get pregnant during.
How many days a month can a woman get pregnant?
Well sperm can typically survive inside of a women for up to 5 days. Once you ovulate, you only have 24 hours to fertilize the egg. So generally, you have about 6 days each month where you can get pregnant. But the tricky part is KNOWING wh…
What days of the month do you not get pregnant?
In a 28 day cycle with ovulation on the 14th day, that would be Day 11, Day 13, and Day 15. ChaCha

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How many days of your cycle can you actually get pregnant?
Q: I know the most fertile times is when you are ovulating, but is it still possible before or after that? According to a ovulation calculator my most fertile days this month would have been from the 16 to the 20th. My husband and i have been planning on ttc after summer and its getting close so were not too worried and recently had unprotected sex, the first time was the 25th and then again since then.. i’m just curious if i still could have gotten pregnant at that time. My period is due the 5th of Sept, and i cant even wait that long to find out! 🙂 Apparently my family is very fertile.. i dont know if that would make any difference. This might be a dumb question.. but i’m just curious.Thanks 🙂
A: Your fertile window is about 5 days a month… 3 days before ovulation, the day of ovulation, and the day after ovulation. That’s about it.If you were supposed to ovulate on Aug. 20, you would not have been fertile on the 25th. An egg only lives for 12-24 hours after its release. That’s why it’s more important to have sex BEFORE ovulation than after.I would suggest you learn about your fertility. The more you know, the better your chances of getting pregnant sooner. The book “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” will teach you many things about how your body works. For some women getting pregnant is as easy as tossing out birth control, for others it’s not. So a little information never hurts.Good luck.
Could I be pregnant….missed period!?
Q: The first day of my last period was Nov 16th. I’m usually pretty regular each month. I predict what day and I’m right every time. I usually start about 2-3 days before the month before depending on how many days in the month. I’ve been working a lot of overtime and Christmas is always a stressful time of the year so I’m hoping I’m late because of stress. So today is the 16th and I should have started on the 13th or 14th….and I had cramps around those days but just today realized that my period never came….just to busy to think about it. It’s been 2 years since I have had to think about pregnancy tests and stuff and I just can’t remember when “if” I were to be pregnant would be the best time to get a correct reading. My husband and I don’t use protection, simply because we aren’t trying to prevent anything and want more kids so if it happens then it happens. The reason why I am worried is because of all months to get pregnant I didn’t want it to be Nov! When I got pregnant with my daughter, the first day of my last period back then was Nov 17th….that means that the due date for this one would be only a day difference!! Kinda ironic but I just want them to be in different months cause birthdays are just expensive. Anyways, that’s not really a big deal but the main reason I am asking is because I knew all the answers when I was pregnant and now I’m out of the loop. Plus I am at work, working 10 hours days and I definitely can’t take a pregnancy test now….knowing that some of you are gonna tell me to take a test. I have a test at home….I’m just impatient and trying to pass the time here at work.
A: Aweeh you sound really stressed. Don’t worry yet, just because you didn’t get it on schedule doesn’t mean anything. It is most likely because you are stressed, it happens to me a lot. Just calm down, maybe drink some tea and try and stop thinking about the cons and start thinking about the pros. You are thinking negatively and it is only going to stress you out more. Maybe jsut call the doctor now and ask him/her all of your questions because they are the most reliable, not us. And wouldn’t it be cool to have 2 kids so close in birthdays? I think that it would be really awesome plus it’s not like the price is going to change, you will still pay the same for the birthdays, just at different times. Don’t worry. Think positively and just take the test when you get home. I don’t believe that there is a “good and bad” time to take it…XOXO, Good luck:) I hope this turns out however you want it to:)
I’m Possibly 3 or so months pregnant and haven’t told my parents yet!!!?
Q: Well I had sex for the first time 4 months ago with my boyfriend, who i’ve been with for a year, without using protection, we’ve had sex a few times after that but used protection. I didn’t have my period until two months after the first time i had sex, just alittle spotting. I did get sick for a whole entire month after my period, but i would only get sick early in the morning or late at night. I don’t get sick anymore just occassionally on some days i’ll feel dizzy or have a headache or just be really tired. My stomach did get bigger, but i used to think it was just because i was bloated and about to start my period, and that was why i was feeling this way. I posted a question up two days ago and everyone suggested i go straight to the doctors and start prenatals.. So the next day after school (i’m 15 and my boyfriend is 17) i confronted my boyfriend, which was really hard to do and told him about the possibility of me being pregnant. He was very supportive, but very shocked and unsure, i could tell he was about to freak out at any moment. (Were we live, it’s pretty cold, so i’ve been wearing my navy blue pea coat for the past month, which also covered up my stomach, i sort of knew i was pregnant, around the third month or so, when my stomach started getting bigger, and i didn’t want any rumors going around, until i told my boyfriend first, but i never took a pregnancy test, i’m not even sure how many months or weeks i really am, but i can’t be more than 4) We haven’t told anyone but his sister (who’s 27), who is helping schedule an appointment, for me to get checked out, and my aunt but i haven’t told my parents and he hasn’t told his. What should we do, how should we confront our parents together?Pic of my stomach; my stomach seem to big, do you think i could be having twins?I live with my aunt, but i’m not on her health insurance or anything, so i’m going to have to tell my parents sooner or later anyways, since they do come over on holidays and stuff
A: Hi, yea i would say you are pregnant. And very big for the first time. you usally dont start showing until you 5 -6 months pregnant. so twins is a possibility. And on the tellng family thing. I know tis not the same but i felt the same. I feel pregnant one my 18th birthday and didnt tell my family becuase my grandfather (who is like my father anyway) is a church pastor and my mother is the music leader i was raised in church and didnt miss a single day. I thought my head would go rolling and they would kick me out. But they didnt they told me they were dissapointed but that there was a child involved and then they were very supportive. Then when i was 6 months i went into early labour and lost my baby girl. And they were SOO good it was really great to have them there. I would tell them ASAP to get them used to the idea they will be shocked but give them time they will come around and you will love having them there.
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