How many kids does Michelle Duggar have

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Having welcomed their 17th child only last August, Michelle Duggar, 41, is now pregnant with her 18th! That is a huge family! Cha! [ Source: ]
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Where do Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar get their income from to s…?
“Well, I decided to answer because I thought I knew…” I remember watching one of their programs on the Discovery channel and thought it was mentioned that Jim Bob and Michelle were both real estate agents and had made their mone…
How many children did michelle duggar have?
Michelle & Jim-Bob Duggar have 18 children, with baby #19 on the way due March 2010.
Why did michelle duggar name her kids with J?
Because they really liked the name Joshua then they had twins and loved the names Jana and John-David. And they thought if they only had 1 more child they didn’t want to leave that one out.

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How does Michelle Duggar stay so thin after having so many kids?
Q: How does she do it? Even her face looks good like, she always looks happy and hardly has any wrinkles? Any “normal” person who had that may kids would look angry all that time and over assuming
A: Who has time to eat when you’re gettin’ busy in the bedroom every 10 minutes? Gotta keep them babies comin’!Talk about an addiction…
What health risks is Michelle Duggar taking having so many kids?
Q: I don’t care to hear peoples opinions on if what they are doing is right or wrong….just what she is risking health wise? How would that many kids affect her body?
A: every pregnancy comes with health risks whether it is your first or 19th. so obviously each time she gets pregnant she faces all of the “normal” risks.the baby she just had a few days ago was delivered by cesarean and i am pretty sure it was not her first c-section. having multiple c-sections can cause a lot of scar tissue and then complications from that. otherwise there’s no risk that i know of from just being pregnant a lot. you are supposed to wait at least 6 months (probably varies based on who you ask) between pregnancies so your body can heal and the older you get the riskier the pregnancies become.but again, i am pretty sure that just being pregnant a lot does not negatively affect a woman’s health.
How many kids do you think Michelle Duggar will have on TLC’s Kids by the Dozen ?
Q: She has 18 …I had 6 and cannot IMAGINE being preg that many times..
A: The problem with having so many childern is that she can’t possible spend the time needed with each of the kids to raise them in the right way. I saw a little bit on that and it seems like her older kids are helping a whole lot with the younger ones and that is just plain wrong. Kids should be allowed to have a childhood that doesn’t involve parenting thier siblings. She needs to just stop and pay attention to the ones she has. If she loves being pregnant that much maybe she should become a seragant mother for women who aren’t blessed with the ability to have babies but want them. Not to mention…how are they affording that many kids…I have two and I can barely afford the basics in todays economy? Can we say fertile Myrtle? Family planning (and no planning another right after birth is NOT family planning)? CONDOMS! They aren’t doing their kids any favors by having more. Ok so I said my bit, I just don’t feel like they need to continue populating the earth…we have enough. When God said be fruitful and multiply the earth was new…..we are getting pretty full these days, she can stop now.
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