How many months before you start showing if your pregnant

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When you start showing your pregnancy differs with each woman & depends on body styles. However, it generally b/w 16 & 20 weeks. [ Source: ]
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How many months pregnant do you have to be before you start showi…?
it’s different for everyone, some people don’t even show that much at eight months. my friend’s parents didnt even know she was pregnant at all until she absolutely had to, a week befor her water brooke, because she wore big baggy clothes. …
How many months (or weeks) before a pregnant woman starts showing…?
Every one is different. But if its your 1st prob not until at least 4 months i was losing weight until 5 months and only gained 5 pounds by 7 months. A second child you start to show a lot quicker. At about 2 months or sooner. But like i sa…

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Can you be pregnant and still get you period? If so for how many months? When will the test show positive?
Q: About three months ago I had unprotected sex. The next month I feel dizzy, nautious, and tired, BUT I get my period. I got it two more months after that. Lately I’ve been gainging ALOT of weight. It seems like overnight I’m gaingin like 3 pounds. This has been happening for like aa week. I feel like I have gained 5-8 pounds THIS WEEK! What’s going on? I just got off my period. It lasted 6 days. The normal for me is maybe 4 days. I’ve got my peroid for three months and now I’ve been urinating alot and am still very tired. I took a test the first month all of this started about a week BEFORE my period. It was negative. If you can make sense of all this please give me your opinion. I don’t know if you can have your period and still be pregnant. Am I just gaining weight quickly for no reason or am I prego? Please help!?
A: First I would suggest take a pregnancy test.But as for the period while your pregnant, yes you can but everyone varies in different ways. I had mine at least 7 mths. That is so miserable but it made my labor so easy. REEL TALK. So if you are congrats- hope your happy. If your not then stop stressing but still go to the doctor. Hope this helped you out.
13 weeks pregnant and still not noticable?
Q: I’m 13 weeks into my pregnancy. However, I haven’t gained any weight and I can still fit into my old clothes comfortablly. Is it normal? I do eat more since I found out I am pregnant though. My breasts are just a bit fuller than before, but not as much. If you were, or are pregnant, would you please let me know how many months in your pregnancy that you started to show? I had my ultra sound a month ago, when I was at 9 weeks pregnant, the doctor saw my baby and said it was a bit small, but fine. This is my 2nd pregnancy, by the way. I had a miscarriage the first time at 8 weeks. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
A: I did not show at all during my whole pregnancy with my son. I only gained 10 pounds and i am a slender woman so you see some gain alot and some don’t. You may start to show later on or not at all. I did not have to wear anything maternity. My son was and is healthy.Everyone is different and just because you don’t gain 45 pounds or sticking out so big does not mean there is anything wrong with you or the pregnancy.Good luck and congrats
Pregnancy Ed for Teens: “Can I get pregnant from this: I was naked and he was dressed.” ?
Q: Is it just me who is getting rather annoyed of ‘am I pregnant’ stories. I don’t mind the ones where I can help them realize that there is zero chance they’d experence symptoms 2 days after sex, or how long it would take to be able to get an accurate pregnancy test reading. It’s just I’m sick of all these questions about being pregnant from dry sex. Or how the penis just touched them, and they are positive they are pregnant from pre-cum.Please stop worrying. When you grow up you’re realize that you can’t worry about pregnancy every time you come close or experience a sexual experience. You can not experience anything a week after the incident, and your stomach IS NOT getting bigger even though you had unprotected sex 6 days ago. Your stomach starts showing at 3 months. you don’t want to be parents, no matter how much you ‘get into the moment’ you use common sense and wear a condom. You do not try for a baby for unconditional love, to trap a boyfriend or cause you want the attention. You need to be financial sound. You need to have a job. You need to have a place of your own. Getting pregnant on purpose and living at home is selfish. You need to realize the pressure you’re putting on the family. Not just financial but mentally. A baby is a big deal.If you got pregnant on accident, it’s going to be okay. Tell your parents as soon as possible. Delaying the talk will just prove your not ready for a baby, or any responsiblity. If you decided to keep the baby, your parents can not force you to abort, but you do need to step up and get a job to afford the baby. Your sexual partner will need to step up to. It’s a two way street. smart about it. Buy some Teen Sex Ed books and use common sense. And please stop concluding you’re pregnant just cause you had unprotected sex, because you ‘feel pregnant’, your period was lighter, shorter, a little early or late or cause you have the ‘pregnancy symptoms’. Pregnancy symptoms are related to SO many health issues. The only symptom you should be seriously worried about is being OVER a week late.✿❀✿❀✿❀✿❀✿❀✿❀I understand about worrying about pregnancy if you just started to have sex, but you really can’t just always find any excuse to back up why you think your pregnant. If you always worry, the rest of your life will be very stressful. Remember, being late is the only real symptoms to conclude your period.✿❀✿❀✿❀✿❀✿❀✿❀To those who believed they were pregnant when they were teens. Looking back, why did you think you were pregnant?Were you?How many times did you think you were pregnant?✿❀✿❀✿❀✿❀✿❀✿❀In total. I did about 5 times. When I started to get sexually active, I never worried about pregnancy cause we used protection and birth control. When I was 17, I was 11 days late before I got my period. The 2nd time I was 18, and 6 days late. The 3rd time I was 20 and we decided to stop using condoms. (I had stopped Birth Control at 18) I thought people automatically got pregnany when they weren’t safe. The 2nd month of being unprotected I thougth pregnancy too. I had nothing to think I was. I was just being naive.
A: I WANNA PLAY I WANNA PLAY! lol”We dry humped and he said he had cum in his pants. Will I get pregnant for rubbing up against him but he still had his pants on?”
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