How many months do you have you period if you are pregnant

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None. If you are pregnant you will not have a period. ChaCha on 24/7! [ Source: ]
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How many months can you have your period when your pregnant??
Zero. Bleeding during pregnancy is not a true period. Ever. It does happen – for reasons such as implantation bleeding or an irritated cervix – but you will not have actual menstruation during pregnancy. Menstruation is the shedding of the …
Is it normal for you to miss your period for 5 months and I’m not…?’m-not-pregnant
It is possible for this to occur due to progesterone levels. It is best to check with a gynecologist who can help stabilize it.
I also haven’t had my period in three months. Am I pregnant??
rofl . . .mmmm, could be. Are you throwing up a lot in the morning, and do you have a craving for anchovy and peanut butter sandwiches? Is it harder to button your jeans around the waist? Do you ever feel like something is kicking your …

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i am confused on how many months pregnant i am?
Q: Well ive been following this pregnancy calender thing and it just dosen’t make sense to me but if you can help me by the date of my last period would be great my last period was april 24th 09 so does that mean i am 3 months and in my second trimester? oh and btw you probably wondering why i have not seen a doctor yet but i am going to see one this weds but i wanted to know how many months i am now because its bothering me
A: Your Pregnancy: Week13 The last week of your first trimester
If a woman hasn’t had her period for months, will they still be able to get pregnant?
Q: I was wondering, if a woman does not have her period for months and months, and they have sex, is that woman able to still get pregnant? You know how some periods are irregular, or there is an absence of period due to whatever health reasons, such as obesity, being too skinny, too many estrogen, or not enough progesterone? Then will women still be able to get pregnant after sex? Please, only if you really know then answer. Thank you.
A: because you dont know the timing of your period, you cant be sure when your ovulatingand if the timing is there with sex and ovulating, you could get PGi would check out Five Ways to Tell You’re Ovulating link down below ©©©
Has anyone ever been pregnant and didn’t know for months?
Q: has anyone ever been 1, 2, 3, 4 or however many months pregnant and didnt know for a while because they had no symptoms or were still getting what appeared to be and felt like to be their period? if that happened to you when and how did you find out you were pregnant?
A: that happened with my cousin she was five months and on diets and all this crap and my aunt told her your pregnant didnt believe her she took a test and came out positive and she was still having her regular period and didnt have any symptoms plus she didnt notice she was growing cuz she stil had her baby fat
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