How many people came on the Mayflower

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There were 102 passengers on the Mayflower. Its harder to determine exactly who was on the crew. There appear to be at least 12. [ Source: ]
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What was the purpose of the people coming on the mayflower??
People came on the Mayflower for many reasons:・ Europe wanted to claim more land and become powerful, so they wanted to make a settlement of their own … ・ The settlers also wanted to find a place to practice their religion in peace, becau…

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How many people came over on the Mayflower?
Q: How many people started the journey and how many people actually made it to the New World?
A: A servent boy named William Butten died. See below for a list.
how many people were on the mayflower..when the pilgrams came to america?
A: 130
What makes an “illegal” immigrant illegal?
Q: Here is my point: I am part English/German and part Cherokee. The English part of my family came over on the ship after the Mayflower, called Fortune. Cherokee people have been here since the land bridge between Alaska and Russia. Neither time did any of my ancestors have to fill out paperwork or give the government (admitedly, nonexistant) a chunk of their money, or belongings. What is the big deal? These people were looking to improve their lives, as are many “aliens” today. I’m just wondering, also, how many people that are against immigrants, “legal” or “illegal” can claim to be first generation? Many native Americans that I speak with don’t care. Why should you?I don’t think it’s right to disregard laws, obviously. More specific to my point is that people came over from Europe and basically dumped on the native population, but people celebrate that. Now others are coming in, looking for oppurtunity, not to dump on those here, and they are getting dumped on. Logic?And, actually, I feel that natives to a country should take precedants over immigrants.To Froggy: What makes what the settlers did less than terrorism by today’s standards?To CountryGal: I think you need to check your history books. This land was neither rightfully won, or paid for. It was taken away, and people died. People who had the rightful claim to this land died! How can you call something a battle when it is a masacre. As for paying for the land, that was never done. The giving of reservations? You mean the land that was thought to be useless, and too extreme to be usable in that time period??To all respondants: I’m mystified at the fact that you all claim that it is law, and that is why it is right. Segregation was law. Women not voting was law. What makes a law right? I understand the need for rules, and no, I don’t disagree that people who come into and out of any country needs to be documented, but just because something is law, doesn’t make it right. I think it’s time to put on our own thinking caps, not the government issued ones.To CountryGal again:”LAWS ARE LAWS. RESPECT OR STAY AWAY.”So, am I to understand that you would rather go back to feudalism? Or slavery? Or presuffrage times? Sometimes laws are wrong. People need to fight to change them. Obviously, people have different ideas of what is right and wrong, but it is how it is implemented. A good rule thumb” If you aren’t hurting anyone, then do what you will.I suggest that you look at real history, and not use WIkipedia as a reference. It’s not very reliable, and will stand up no where as an actual reference.And, just for anyone’s sake who will again bring up Muslim extremists, I refer you to the Crusades. One of the bloodiest and most violent missions led by any people. Who was behind it? The Christians.
A: It’s just the “cool” thing to do right now, there are so many followers out there and not enough leaders.
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