How many pregnancy test do you take before you know if your pregnant

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To get the most accurate results, wait to take the pregnancy test until you have missed your period. You should only need one. [ Source: ]
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Does anyone know if it matters that you have sex right before you…?
It doesn’t matter. When you go to take the test (if you are taking it at the end of your cycle) you are either pregnant or not pregnant at that time. It is not recommended to take a test prior to your next cycle beginning time because the t…

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another question?? what is the latest you had a positve pregnancy test and how many did you take????
Q: im just curious to know how long it took you to get a positve test?? and how many tests did you take before you got that positve result?? ANDDDDDD i know i ovulated around the 7th or 8th of feb shouldnt i have an accurate preg test result by now?? im sure i would have already had implantation by now?? what would cause my test to NOT be positve yet?? that is if i am pregnant??? any answer will be great!!! thanks you soo much for your help!!:)
A: I was on the pill so when I had not gotten my period on Sunday, I thought I should take a test to be positive. It came back negitive on Sunday. So I thought I may be dehydrated. On Wednesday afternoon, I still had not started so I thought, I have one more test, lets use it and get it over with. Imagine my suprise when it came back positive. I went out and bought 4 different brands. Three of the brands came back positive and one negitive. It really depends on the brand. Needless to say, I am scheduled for a c-section in nine days.
how long do you wait to take a pregnancy test after you have missed your period?
Q: I have always been pretty regular but it was off a bit after my son was born a year ago, but this month I am late by at least one day if not a few more.I am stressing a bit so I know that does not help with getting your period and I did take a pregnancy test yesterday and it was negative but I am wondering if I tested to soon?I have been pregnant before so I kind of know the symptoms and for the most part I don’t have many except a constant headache, and missed period but now I am starting to wonder if it is just in my head.Thanks
A: I got my first positive (very faint) about 4 days before my period.. and then a for sure one later that day… so you don’t even HAVE to miss it. But sometimes it can take a week or so after your missed period to get a positive test… especially depending on when you ovulate in your cycle you know! So you very well may have tested too soon for your cycle! Best of Luck and i hope that you are… and i got a major headache first thing when i got pregnant along with sore bbs and that was it! So you never know 🙂 **baby dust**
How long before I can take a Pregnancy test ???? Please Help?
Q: Me and my husband are trying to have our third child we never have had a problem getting pregnant it was always the first time we tried. Well we tried 10 days ago and I took a test today and it said Negative. So should I wait longer? I have never kept up with my period so I have no idea when it should come. I have had some cramping about a week after we had sex and just a few days ago started to have some discharge that looked like the white part of a egg. Some of it was even yellowish and had alittle bit of a oder to it. I don’t know what I should do cause pregnancy test are so expensive so I don’t want to have to take one every other day just to find out but I just really want to know. So how many days should you wait if you don’t know when your period is suppose to be?
A: You can test 19 days after the day you think you became pregnant.http://www.peeonastick.comGood luck
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