How many teen pregnancies are there On average In a year

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Approximately one million teens become pregnant each year in the United States, resulting in only 520,000 births. ChaCha again! [ Source: ]
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How many teen pregnancies are there on average in washington each…?
The most recent data, for the late 1990s, shows 1/20 teen girls became pregnant and 1/35 had a baby for 3,121 births. ChaCha away!

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Stories that may settle the nausea I have been feeling….?
Q: Not the pregnancy kind… And I know I’ve been asking so many questions, but I’ve just been feeling so unsure. The main thing I want to ask is how do you teen moms do it? How do you take care of your children at such a young age?I know I’ve made a decision to keep my baby boy and I am going to stick behind this decision 100% but I have been feeling very stressed lately with the months rushing by and my due date on it’s way in few months. I just would like to know how your experiences have been with your children and maybe give me some advice on good mothering. I mean, I have my mom, but she was never a teen mom and doesn’t really know what it’s like to go through this like the other teen moms out there who can really share their stories and advice. Like I stated in all my questions before, I am 14 and my boyfriend, who is now behind my decision 100% as well, is 15. It is kind of hard to get around with payments and everything since we are both so young and the only job I hold is babysitter for my neighbor’s 2-year-old child. My boyfriend works at a local Shop Rite and gets paid an average amount for a kid his age working at a supermarket. I do get help from my mom with financial situations, but I was wondering if you have any suggestions or advice on how we can provide a little more on our own for our unborn son.Now, when you read this I know I will be judged, but I just want honest answers, since I know there are people out there who are going through or already went through the same thing I am going through. I am in no way complaining about my coming son, I just want some advice. I am totally ready to take on this responsibility. Thanks for answering!$Jamie$
A: I am 9 weeks pregnant.I honestly don’t know how to help you with your financial situation. I am 16 and pregnant my boyfriend is 19 and we have only been together for 14 months. I actually got a job today minimum wage. I am putting every bit of money I receive in the bank until it is time to buy furniture, clothes, etc… You can get government help since you are underage. If you go get tested at certain free clinics they offer to send you diapers and food for you and the baby once it is born.I personally do not believe in getting government help, I knew what I was doing, and I will take full responsibility. No one should pay the price of a baby to a teen mother, it isn’t societies responsibility it is the mothers.
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