How many teenage girls get pregnant in a year

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Nearly 750,000 teens will become pregnant this year and approximately 4 million will contract a sexually transmitted infection. [ Source: ]
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What is the percentage of teenage girls that get pregnant in a ye…?
Approximately one million teens become pregnant each year in the U.S. 3 of 10 teenage girls get pregnant before age 20! ChaCha on!
How many teenage girls get pregnant in the u.s. each year??
The United States has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the western world, despite the fact that our teens are not more sexually active than Swedish teens, or Canadian teens, or British teens. Why? Because we don’t educate about birth c…
How many teen girls in the U.S. get pregnant each year??
750,000 teen girls get pregnant each year. 31% of young women get pregnant at least once before they turn 20. Each year the federal government alone spends about $7 Billion to help families that began with a teenage birth.

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During Navratri, after Dandia Raas many Indian Hindu teenage girls get pregnant. How to save them from this ?
Q: In India during Navratri, Indian Hindu teenage unmarried girls dance with boys in a circle made by all participants for nine whole nights for which elaborate preparations are done for the festival activities. Many choose their life partners too but in Ahmedabad-Mumbai-Pune zone boys & girls go for sex & despite using condoms they get pregnant in large numbers. For many years newspapers & TV channels are showing that girls of 15 get pregnant & they have to undergo traumatic abortions in large numbers in private clinics secretly. The sale of condoms is brisk by girls before & during the period & they’re so much aware of all brands that even their parents aren’t. This is a matter of worry for parents & human society as a whole. Many parents are putting detectives after their daughters so that they’re not lost as many girls run away with boys for no return in tender age i.e., they don’t rely on their own daughters. How to save girls from this extremely serious problem. Any solution ?Immature girls are not fully cautious & are not aware of forthcoming highly traumatic health, psychological, social & cultural problems as after effects for their whole life. Lack of proper knowledge too plays a great role. Most of the girls like charm & fantasy. They commit silly mistakes in infatuation & arousal by some clever, cunning & selfish boys but at the end they only suffer. They must not be left like that to suffer further. It is first duty of parents to adopt strategy so that they don’t get berserk. What are police force , social workers & religious leaders doing ? They will be asked in God’s court at the end that they didn’t teach religious & social ettiquettes properly. If human society adopts carefully planned strategy, every serious social problem can be controlled. Ignorance is a crime. No religious activity allows free sex & that too in tender age. Modernity doesn’t allow everything against morality. Solution exists for every serious problem. Please think over it.Why don’t people guide girls basic safety rule: SAFETY FIRST, ANYTHING ELSE LATER ? Safety must never be compromised. In Mumbai only abt 80,000 girls get pregnant. It is alarming. In education system so much nonsense stuff is taught + much elaborated extracurricular ativities r bothered about but little attention is paid on moral education, good character building & human ethics. Much emphasis on this is needed. No award is given in schools on this, a sad story indeed. We criticise Western culture too much mainly about freedom of sex but behind the curtain we are more spoilt like true hippocrites. In some north Indian cities whre boys wandering with girls is uncommon, in parks & other such places if boy-girl pairs of 14-15 yrs r found in school hours, police interrogates them by asking their I Cards, names,address, house phone numbers,mobile phone numbers,relations between the two, purpose & frequency of visit. Wake up & save such near spoilt female population before it is too late.
A: why 2 entertain with such things?girls & boys should be taught moral values .
Why do so many people judge pregnant teenage girls?
Q: I am currently sixteen and I’ve been dating the same guy for about a year and five months. We’ve used condoms and I’ve been on and off different types of birth control (pills, ring, etc.) and I kept having weird reactions to them that are not normal. That’s why I stop taking them and my mother never toke me back into the doctor to try another one.I just found out about four to five days ago that I am pregnant. I am a bit shocked but I feel so thrown out into the world because it feels as though my best friend (whom I told) has decided to tell one other person. I told my parents a day after I found out, after I peed on five different pregnancy testers; I know five is a lot but my boy friend wanted to make sure. I had thought two lines meant you were not but I had told him the result just as conversation and then he made me pee on another then it turns out two lines means you are. Ha ha, I felt so oblivious.My parents support me, my boy friend support me (He’s like WAY protective now, he doesn’t even want me to drive by myself), my grandparents on both sides support me, my uncles and aunts, even my brother support me. Which is great-I know, but I am only sixteen. I’ve done my 9th, 10th and now I will be a senior this year sense I’m skipping my junior year. I’m so afraid of what people will think, what people will say and do. My school isn’t very big-it has about only 600-700 students. I helped varsity football and my current boy friend graduated this year. I’m worried that if I help the football team again that when the guys find out they may be “stupid” and throw footballs at me on purpose but I don’t want to give up everything I do in high school, and now that I’m a senior too.I am keeping the baby, Me and my boy friend had planned on getting married after I graduated even before we found out that I was pregnant. He will be joining the military around May (he had already planned to), I currently don’t know how far a long I am but the doctor said she thought i am 6 1/2-7 weeks-I won’t be able to find out to I go to the OB in about 8 weeks. ): He’s so excited and I am too in a sense but I am so worried. I don’t have the thickest skin so I’m worried that I may cause myself to have a miscarriage due to stress.I know I’ve typed a lot, I haven’t included every detail but I believe you (people) may get the basics of what I’m saying. Any suggestions on a way to relieve stress, Thoughts on the subject? Etc.
A: When I was 15 I was in a serious relationship and had a live in b/f. Thank God I didn’t get pregnant. But it happens. Three of the girls who were in my graduating class had babies before or shortly after graduation. Two of those three were my best friends. I know people judge. I see it day in and day out. I am guilty of it to an extent. I am not claiming perfection here at all. But one thing I do try to do is Empathize with people and put myself in their place. I don’t judge teenage mothers or pregnant teens. I know what today’s society is. Sex is everywhere. It is almost impossible to escape from. If anyone tries to judge you, they don’t have the right to. Remind them of that. They may be more accepting of it than you think they will be. Don’t get too stressed about it before you have to. If it happens then try to block it out. You need to be more mature than those who may try to judge you. Look above them if you can. Talk to them if you can. Let them know your story and they may understand. Above all, don’t stress right now. Relax as much as you can right now and take it easy. I wish you the best of luck. I hope you don’t mind that I just said a prayer for you.
If a teenage girl falls pregnant, gets an abortion but later in life has many babies, what’s wrong with that?
Q: See, what this hypothetical girl did was to put off having a baby till she had gone on an overseas vacation, gone to university, had a few years experience in the work force and was in a stable relationship with a loving partner with whom she spent the rest of her life. If she had have had the baby when she was a teenager, she would not have gone overseas, she would not have gone to university, she would not have had work experience and she would not have met the man with whom she’d go on to spend the rest of her life. She would more than likely have been a single mother, a burden to society, her offspring would have been underachievers, the trailer trash she married would have been an alcoholic, gambling wife-beater…ok, I’m being a bit melodramatic here, but do you see my point? By taking advantage of the option of abortion, she was able to correct a mistake that would have affected her in a bad way for the rest of her life and she was able to save her baby-making for when she was more mentally and financially prepared for procreation. Do you see how abortion is better for society?
A: My mother just turned 17 when she had me. My father dropped out of the picture shortly after I was born. I bounced around from family to family, basically an unwanted kid until I was school age and ended up with my grandparents, at least during school. It screwed up my childhood and most of my adult years. Things didn’t go well for my mother either. As a dropout with a kid, her choices were extremely limited.Putting off having children until they can be cared for financially and emotionally is a wise move. Don’t count on your family always being there for you.
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