How many teenagers get pregnant each week

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85 teen girls get pregnant each hour so that would be 2040 a day and 14,280 a week. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How many teenagers get pregnant each week
85 teen girls get pregnant each hour so that would be 2040 a day and 14,280 a week. ChaCha!

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How would you handle teen who either wastes food or devours everything in 24 hours?
Q: My fiance has a teenager that lives with us FT.Each week when I go grocery shopping – teen will typically devour all easy/prepared food in about 24 hours- I guess this is Typical??? This includes- an entire pack of hot dogs, gigantic bowl of fruit salad, ice cream, gigantic salad, mac n cheese (homemade with lb. of pasta), Chips, juice- gallon milk. (This is definitely not everything I bought- just the things I guess that were already made/easy access.) Either teen will devour it all or I will come home to find things left out of the fridge- sometimes this is discovered after overnight. Being that I am pregnant- I have to throw it away- as I am afraid to eat it. (These items are apparently left out because he either ate off it or was getting to other things behing these items in fridge.) We have sandwich items- but too much work. Plus a lot of the food he took all of- will still be left on the plate (uneaten) in the sink for me to scrape/clean up.I made/decorated a birthday cake for a relative the other day and I actually brought it into my bedroom so I could lock it up so it would not get eaten.I purchase the food- all of the necessities for the home. Fiance’ does give teen about $110 a month to take to grocery store to buy his own goodies that he wants to eat. ($5 cereal or $20 on energy drinks is not in my budget.)I know I am emotional cause I am pregnant and dont feel well- and when I go to get icecream/soup/crackers or something to calm my stomach- and it is completely gone it irritates me. I just think it is rude and inconsiderate. The funny thing is- teen will buy almost identical item with “his” money from dad- but will eat all of the item I got.. Sometimes fiance’ will question ME if I have a snack type item and am offering some- He will say “that’s not ____’s (teen name) that he bought is it?” ANd no I am not overweight.I left crackers on our nightstand in our room so I could have some for morning- just in case sick- and fiance’ goes crazy if he thinks I am “keeping” any food from his son. I always include him in everything I make- and leave a plate aside for him if he is not home for dinner- etc. If I bring up the subject with fiance’ all he does is yell at me. Says I am being a *itch and leave food out too- umm- duh- a plate for your child who is coming home soon.Any suggections? I try to NOT make that many trips to the grocery store to save $$$ on gas- but I guess I should try and stop there MORE frequently to save $$ on food??? I don’t know.There is lots I am not adding here. The salad was one of the things he left out- and I maged to rescue- and then he left a lot in sink wasted.I used to do everything for him. His mom left him- has behaviour/academic issues- maturity of about a 12 yr old. But thenn he stole from me and destroyed my business/personal property to get to dad- cause he could not ahve gf over- as didn’t do his chores. If teen not getting HIS way- everyone suffers. (Other people have said this- not just me.) If we have a trip/fun thing planned- food/everything packed and can’t get all his own way and we are in the rental car ready to go- he has actually laid in bed and we have had to stay home. Dad won’t leave him w/gma. Yes- I think he does waste it on purpose. He has been characterized as “playfully oppositional” by pschiatrists. Yes- I am emotional- I am pregnant and not feeling real chipper lately. Thanks for the input.Oh- btw- no we have not even told anyone about this pregnany- which is my third in a year. (Two miscarriages due to extreme stress- says doctor- no underlying problems -teen lying to mom- CYS involved- and the ex family trying to break in my house.) Yes- leaving things out is unacceptable. Oh- dad won’t make him pay up or do any chores. He does NOTHING (nor dad) constructive around the house- hence leaving things out/in sink- etc. I even mow the grass/take out garbage.Just wanted to add- I do buy him things he likes to eat- OBVIOUSLY (and he does have his own money $110 month his dad gives him). He will eat an entire bag of Sunchips for breakfast and another for lunch. He will eat a gallon of icecream for lunch. Ok. I am PG – but you can’t just eat icecream for lunch. It isn’t just bad stuff- but an entire gallon of milk in a day? I can’t afford that. There is none for me/growing baby. I guess I grew up with PB n J for lunhc and drinking lotsa water.
A: Well teenagers will eat you out of house and home but leaving messes for you to clean up is rude. And yes teenagers are lazy so it will be all the easily prepared stuff they eat first. Did you explain to both of them that the crackers take the edge off morning sickness? The kid’s probably feels a bit intimidated by the new baby so some of it could be that he’s angry with being replaced. Maybe try including him in making the shopping list. Example: Hey I noticed you really liked that fruit salad so I’m going to get some extra cause I need the vitamins for baby too. Is there something else in particular you’d like?You can only do your best but remember that you’re the adult and don’t get into a power struggle with a kid. If you husband starts taking the kid’s side step back and see if maybe he right (sometimes we get a little weird when we’re pregnant). If not then you reply by saying that you’re trying to be fair but you’ll not have you house run by a teenager. For the sake of every ones sanity you two need to respect each other and the kid’s gotta meet you half way.
Does this honest fear of commitment seem to have a resolution somewhere in it?
Q: My housemate (and best friend) have what I would consider a ‘much more than just best friends’ relationship.We are extremely close, on many levels, and every thing but officially boyfriend/girlfriend. So much so that his whole family (and many of his friends and my parents) thinks we are a couple – since he brings me to all family holiday/birthday/etc….events; among other things.He likes to bring up how when he was a TEENAGER & early 20’s. he believed in Poly-amory. He’s not a teenager anymore. And he basically says he hates relationships because you lose yourself, etc….and says a monogamous relationship is not in his future. ( Yet has since been monogamous with me for a year now.) His actions speak louder than words, to say the least.(I hope)Thing is…..he was in a long term relationship of 5yrs. With a girl who was very emotionally & mentally abusive to him. She also ‘tricked’ him into getting her pregnant just to keep him. Eventually, after things got too bad, he asked her to leave. Which she did without hesitation – officially abandoning the family which she had wanted.So it’s been just him and his child, (who he has full custody of) with her out of the picture.Eventually I came to live with the two of them, and the relationship between he & I got a lot closer and more intimate than it had ever been.We both mutually help each other out. There’s a strong solidarity between the 2 of us. He’s even said we “sort of created a nuclear family” without trying.Within the past few months, it’s becoming more & more obvious to him that I’m in fact possibly “in love” with him. During a couple arguments he’s blurted out: “…are you in love with me!?” To which I avoid answering, especially truthfully.Once I turned it on him saying: “what if someone asked you that!?”He answered: “I would say ‘NO,’ even if it were true that I was…”-Then eventually proceeded to hold my hand and kiss me for a duration of the night -There was even a time when after he went on a trip just a couple weeks ago, and he considered sleeping with this girl (but didn’t), that we went out to dinner the 1st night he got back and he asked me if I simply “liked” him. And I naturally got all embarrassed and smiley, etc…And he said: “You DO. You DO like me!”Later, that night he lay holding me face to face saying how he “missed (me)” and that I’m his ‘best friend.’ Then started to kiss me saying how I should “kiss (him) more often.” Not to mention a plethora of other compliments.-Acting as if the idea that I do in fact ‘like’ him did not effect him in a negative way.Yet, whenever posed the question of our ‘relationship’ he maintains to everyone we’re ‘just friends’ & that they shouldn’t ‘read into it too much.’-You see how this is frustrating and confusing?So I’d like to know, is there any chance that someone like that may let their guard down and let someone in?Or I’d even just like to know, if it sounds like it is in fact something he wants, but is afraid a label on our relationship will only lead to catastrophe -as far as our friendship is concerned.
A: I don’t understand where the frustration or confusion is coming from. It sounds like you already have a wonderful Un-relationship and you both get along beautifully. What’s the point what it is called, and why is it important to you to have a label that the two of you agree on. Just live, and if you can be happy and comfortable, you could call it a chair and it wouldn’t change what you two have. Relax, live, and enjoy.
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