How many teens choose to parent

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51% of pregnant teen girls keep their babies and become a parent.Most of those teens have loving supportive families to help. [ Source: ]
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How many teens choose to parent
51% of pregnant teen girls keep their babies and become a parent.Most of those teens have loving supportive families to help.
What hope is there for teens who have uninvolved parents that cho…?
The data is very clear that even when there are uninvolved parents if there is another adult in the life of a young person that that teenager does quite well. If we see kids that don’t have access to parents, it is very important to connect…
What age does a teen get to choose which parent to live with in a…?
I can believe it takes 22 hrs to answer a ?

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How many parents have had their sons/daughters turn their backs on religion once they became teens?
Q: It is well known many young adults(teens) do not follow any type of religion. Lets say you have a Sunday school class of children of 20 to begin with now these kids enter middle school and your class drops to 14 or 15, once these move on to High School leave childhood behind your participants in the older youth group of this original class is 2-3. In fact the pastor at our church will tell middle school students do not come to confirmation classes if you do not want to, do not come if your only here because of your parents. Do you think if our kids are given more leaway in choosing their religion etc. in middle school more may continue in high school and beyond? At what point do they decide this is my parents chosen religion and choice to be involved not mine and drop out altogether? Other than my youngest in middle school my older 3 will not step into a church except for weddings and funerals despite a religious upbringing when young.Also since so many clergy and especially the Catholic church has been found to be full of pediphiles going back many years, is it even wise to have young children attend anylonger?
A: Let your kids decide for themselves. If you have to force them to go, they will hate you AND religion.Personally, I think organized religion is going to do your kids more harm than good. I assume you are a Christian. And if they went to church every week and did everything the church and you told them to do, they wouldnt be accepting of people of other faiths. Wait…before you start saying that you accept and forgive everyone no matter what…yada yada. Really ask yourself…if your son started hanging out with a Muslim, you would be bent because of his religious beliefs, and you wouldnt even know the kid. What if he is just as disinterested in his religion as your kid? You would be seperating your son from a potentially good person and friend because you think his religious belief will taint your son.Good ahead and deny it…but I think you know that to be true.Moral of the story is…your kids should have the choice of religion. Not only what faith to follow, but if they want to follow at all.
TEENS: legal issues aside, how would you respond if your parents locked you in a chastity belt?
Q: This is a totally hypothetical question. I have no intent on doing this to anyone (I’m not a parent.) Also, this isn’t gender specific since there are belts made for males and females. I know a lot of parents don’t want their teens to be sexually active, yet many choose to be anyway. How would you react if this was a legal process and your parents chose to have you belted?
A: My parents wouldn’t, they trust my sexual judgement. But if they DID i would probably cry. A lot.
How many teens do you know that find love on the net?
Q: This Megan thing is really making me sick.The woman that posed as the boy is definitely disturbed. The woman suggesting her child (13 yr old girl) find social skills on the net (her own words) is absolutely disgusting.Text buddies are text buddies. Some of you out there have your real buddies that are also text buddies but MANY of you out there think that your text buddies are your real buddies and can’t differentiate between the 2.Your real buddy doesn’t care about texting you as they see you frequently. If you think you have a “friend” because you message someone, you are sorely mistaken.Why don’t this kids low life parents leave this sick woman alone?Why can’t they accept the fact that the kid killed herself? They admit she was emotionally wrecked, so now move on!!My sister killed herself. Was it the heroin dealers fault for her choosing to jam a needle into her arm and take more heroin than she ever has? Is it my mom and dads fault that she didn’t know how to deal with society? She was 28 at the time, she’s an adult. Is it the fault of the church for having the parking lot available for anyone to kill themselves in? Is it the fault of the vehicle creator for having a vehicle that someone can kill themselves in? Was it the city’s fault for having a church? Was it the governments fault for allowing cities and states to govern themselves with regard to religion?Get a clue!!It was my sisters fault, just like it was this girls fault.PEACE!!
A: Very few. Most find trouble.
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