How many women die a year giving birth

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Every minute of every day a woman dies while pregnant or giving birth according to the United Nations Children’s Fund. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How many women die while giving birth each year in the US??
Well according to there are just over 4 million people born every year in the US. According to 13 infants in 100,000 die from birth. 679 women per 100,000 die from…

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Q: Larry Anderson Isa is a fraud and scams you out of money and gives false information on his emails. He claims to live in Little Albany, London and is recently working in Benin City, Niagera, as a survayor. Claimes that he has a daughter 6 years old and parents are dead, my died while giving birth to him and fater was killed in an auto accident. I hired a private investagator to check into the background of Mr. Larry Anderson Isa and he does not exsist except as a scam artist, and good at what he does for a living and that is cheating people out of money. Please be advised, be careful he has been trained well by someone with lots of experience in deception.
A: This was tried on someone I know but they didnt fall for it. There are hundreds of these people on the internet.
Persuasive writing, help!!?
Q: How do I turn this into a persuasive form of writing? Improvements would be nice, also! I’m writing over abortion being illegal, for the most part. I have trouble getting the right info, and placing where I stand. I know where I stand, but I don’t think the reader does.. This piece also seems to be like a report. I would love grammar tips, and also stronger verbs!Murderous MomentsDid you know each year almost half of all pregnancies among American women are unintended? Or did you know about half of these unplanned pregnancies, 1.3 million each year, are ended by abortion? Abortion can cost over $1,000. Abortion has not always been as safe as it is today. Between the 1880s and 1973, abortion was illegal in all or most United States, and many women died or had serious medical problems as a result. During this time, women often made desperate and dangerous attempts to induce their own abortions. Often, women had to receive medical attention for severe bleeding, rampant infections, poisoning, and retained placentas. Many of the doctors who provide abortions in the United States today are committed to providing the service under medically safe conditions. Around the world, in countries where abortion is illegal, it remains a leading cause of maternal death. Yearly, there is an estimated 68,000 women who die from unsafe abortions. Generally, the earlier the abortion, the less complicated and safer it is. Of teenage women who become pregnant, about 35% choose to have an abortion rather than bear a child. Abortions should be made legal, only under some circumstances.There is a well established link between early pregnancy and rates of breast cancer later in life. For decades, physicians have realized that giving birth results in partial immunity from breast cancer. Studies have shown, that the younger the age when a woman gives her first child, the greater is her protection. Having an abortion terminates pregnancy, prevents childbirth, and prevents the young woman from receiving partial immunity to cancer, although not becoming pregnant at all can also prevent this immunity. Post abortion syndrome or PAS, appears to be rare; however, when it occurs it can be profoundly debilitating. It is one reason why a woman considering abortion should be fully informed in advance and make a careful evaluation of all her options. Abortion should not be a female thought, for it is a sign of murder, an incredulous sin.By the 5th week, a fetus gets its first heartbeat. If a heart is beating, there is a real being inside. Humans have hearts that beat everyday until death. If a woman aborted a baby with a heartbeat, wouldn’t that be like killing a child?Those who promote pro-life positions, say that the government should override a woman’s decision to have an abortion in some, many, or all cases. Most pro-lifers base their belief that in the form of an ovum and spermatozoon, a human life becomes a human person at the time of conception. A pre-embryo, embryo, and fetus all have the right to live. Pro-life groups are most effective at the state level and have successfully influenced legislators and governors into creating many laws that restrict abortion. Although there have been various laws, many of the laws have been ineffectual.Pro-choice are those who believe that the government should not interfere with the woman’s decision, or should do so under rare circumstances. Most pro-choice believers see that human life becomes a human person at some time after conception. They believe that a woman should not be forced to go through pregnancy and childbirth if she does not choose to do so. A woman should be allowed to carry on an abortion if it is done before her embryo or fetus attains personhood. They also believe that each woman should be free to follow their own ethical beliefs.Pro-life and pro-choice positions cover a range of beliefs and advocacy. Both groups would like to see a reduction in the number of abortions performed. They both believe that once human personhood is attatined, their life should be safe. Abortions should only be made legal under the circumstances that it needed to save the life of the woman, prevent her from having serious health or emotional problems, or experience permanent disability or when a fetus has chromosome abnormality. A woman may have the right to sex, but she should not have the right to abort.Thank you, I will work on that, any other opinions and tips would be nice also though!
A: You need to state your purpose in the beginning. Opening with a question is good, but it should only be one question. So something along the lines of: Did you know about half of Americas 1.3 million unplanned pregnancies each year are ended by abortion? (State your position here)Then you need to state your reasons. Three or more. Typically three is a good number. Some reasons for each side may be. 1) a heartbeat is sign of life 2) Many people who can not have children would love to adopt 3) You must atone for mistakes made. Whatever your reasons may be, decide and state them after your first two sentences. EX. Did you know about half of Americas 1.3 million unplanned pregnancies each year are ended by abortion? (State your position here). It should be illegal to abort a child because ..(State your 3 reasons here).Then in the next 3 paragraphs expand upon each idea. One idea per paragraph. Your final paragraph should restate your position on abortion. The paper you wrote is too all over the place. It needs to be a very concise paper that supports your position.
Isn’t it funny how one religion can call another crazy?
Q: I have a few christian friends although nobody I hang around is super religious (thank goodness). But I’ve herd many of them say, “how could someone believe in 72 virgins when they die, that’s crazy”. And I say “its not any crazier than believing in a talking snake or a man living 900 years, or a woman giving birth without ever having sex!”. Ofcourse this is usually where the argument ends. But I find it very funny when one religion puts down another as being crazy seeing as how I seem them as all equally insane. To believe in god is not crazy, however to trust a 2000 year old book is.
A: you know you’re right, any of them would have some things that are “crazy” so it’s funny they each put the other one down as “just plain ridiculous!” I am a christian but then dont put down others and their choices, to each his own. worship a statue of a friggin frog, i could careless.i think it comes from insecurity, like deep down they are ashamed, or think they are believing in something “crazy” heck i know i am, its the kind of crazy i chose though, i like vanilla, that doesnt mean im going to boycott chocolate! most eat that swirl thingie anyways, the vanilla chocalate
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