How much do you eat while pregnant

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You need about 300 extra calories a day, especially later in your pregnancy, when your baby grows quickly. Have a great day! [ Source: ]
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How much can i eat while pregnant?
As long as you are in fact eating other nutritious things along with the pickles there really isn’t any BIG harm in indulging. I once ate a whole jar of kosher dills in one sitting and the only downfall was the bloating from all the salt. I…
How Much Fish to Eat While Pregnant?,622660
SATURDAY, April 11 (HealthDay News) — Women who are pregnant should include fish in their diet for optimal maternal health and fetal growth and development. That much health experts agree on. But just how much seafood moms-to-be can safely…
What are the risks to a fetus of a woman eating too much seafood …?
“This is difficult to determine because the only times seafood consumption has ever led to clinical manifestations were due to environmental poisonings,” Myers says. “The first was at Minamata, where other contaminants in add…

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How often can I eat tuna while pregnant?
Q: I’m 5 weeks pregnant and I’ve been craving tuna for the longest time… So really my question is more like what all can I eat and not eat while pregnant? How much of each? Things like that. This is my second child but I forget most of the things… The only one I remember is no caffeine and no river or pond fish. So if you could find me a website with a list of do’s and don’ts of eating while pregnant then that’d be great… I tried to look and I can’t find anything.
A: FDA and EPA revised its advisories on mercury in fish for pregnant women and young children. Generally they are advised to eat no more than 2 meals of low-mercury fish per week – one can of light tuna or half a tuna steak is considered one meal. FDA recommends to limit albacore white tuna to one meal per week as it is higher in mercury. So check the labels when purchasing canned tuna.
im eating way to much sugar while pregnant!?
Q: im 17w 6d and all i want to eat anymore is sugary things. i know its so unhealthy but i crave it all the time. anything from candy to sugary cereals to cake. this is odd for me because before i got pregnant i never ate sweets, maybe i would have a candy bar twice a month but that was it. i don’t know how to stop eating so much bad stuff. i got tested last week for the diabetes you form while pregnant but my results came back fine. did anyone else have this problem and what did you do about it?
A: Don’t worry to much since your test came back fine. However, I have trick with the sugar cereals, because I love them too. I put regular Cheerios in the bowl- about a half or more of what I am going to eat. Then I add my favorite sugar cereal as a topping. You get the same sugar taste and flavor without as much sugar. You really will not notice much of a difference.And as far as candy goes- I put my candy in an air tight container. Then when I crave it- I just take out a little at a time. I don’t really stop myself if I want to go back for second or thirds etc- but just by putting it in that container and taking a little out at a time then you will easily reduce the amount you eat overall.I have a huge sweet tooth. Always had. But by doing these things I can have my sweet tooth and still not gain extra weight (or when pregnant too much weight)
How much do you eat out while you’re pregnant?
Q: No restaurant meal is as good for you as a healthy home cooked meal. This month we have been busy and had one meal at a restaurant almost every other day this month! How much did you eat out or how unhealthy do you think it is? I’m talking about small, reasonable meals not fast food.
A: I eat out a few times a week. I try to choose healthier options, though. For example, I had the salad bar yesterday while we were out at Jason’s Deli for lunch. Other times, I eat a little less healthy and share a pizza with my mom or my boyfriend. Eating out of the home can be healthy, provided we make healthy choices for the most part. Best wishes and take care
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