How much weight does a woman gain during pregnancy

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The average pregnant woman gains between 25 and 35 pounds. [ Source: ]
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How much weight do women gain during pregnancy
First of all, women who are clinically overweight still need to gain at the minimum 15 pounds. ChaCha on!
How Much Weight Should a Woman Gain During Pregnancy??
Many women do not mind becoming pregnant; what they do mind is the weight gain they have to experience during the 9 months and a couple of extra months after the pregnancy. Gaining weight during pregnancy is a must; it helps give the embryo…

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How do some woman gain so much weight during pregnancy?
Q: or why do they I hear some gain 60 , 80 pounds Why? I can see gaining the baby stuff and maybe a few pounds but why so much I thought we were supposed to be our healthiest not greediest? II have gained 17 pounds at 32 weeks So if you are or know why why
A: eats to much for sure
about how much weight does a woman gain during pregnancy?
A: It just varies. With both my boys, I gained about 40 lbs while pregnant, but with my daughter, I only gained 15 lbs.
How much weight does a women gain during pregnancy?
Q: on average? My sister in law is due in December so she has 4 months to go, she already gained 55 lbs. it seams like a lot to me, being she is only 5 month.
A: that is a lot…but not unheard of.if you are underweight to begin with they do suggest the 35 to 40 pounds of weightif you are of normal weight then its the 25 to 35 lbs to gainand if you start out overweight then you can easily only gain 15 to 25all of these gains are hopfully due to eating all of the healthy foods you are supposed to eat: fruits, veggies, lean meats, milk, cheese etc.
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