How much weight should you have gained at 26 weeks pregnant

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Average weight gain at 26 weeks for a pregnant woman is 16-25 pounds. If you are much more or less, talk to your doctor.ChaCha [ Source: ]
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How much weight should you have gained at 26 weeks pregnant?
Average weight gain at 26 weeks for a pregnant woman is 16-25 pounds. If you are much more or less, talk to your doctor.ChaCha

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26 weeks pregnant and already gained 21 pounds?
Q: I went to see my doctor yesterday for my 26 week check-up and asked about weight gain. She recommended that I gain 25-35 pounds overall, but I have already gained 21!! I told her I had this big growth spurt in the fifth month and gained 8 lbs, but that in the last month, I thought I was on target since I’d only gained 4 lbs. I was basing all this on the guidelines in What to Expect, which say to gain 1 lb per week in the second/third trimester. Well, my doctor told me that I was already way over where I should be and that I should have only been gaining 1/2 pound per week. Surprise!! When I went home, though, I realized this didn’t make sense because it would leave me short of the weight range she recommended. I’m feeling bummed out and a little confused about how much I should be aiming to gain at this point. What have your doctors told you? Did anyone else find that you gained a lot of weight mid-pregnancy and that it tapered off? Finally, does anyone have any personal stories (maybe where you tell me that you gained way more than you planned and lost it all after pregnancy haha?) Thanks.
A: I had a similar situation with my doctors at 21 weeks and I was so upset about it. I gained 7 lbs in the first 7 weeks of my pregancy…literally a lb a week. I was starving all the time and eating more than normal, but I didn’t realize how fast I was gaining. When I reached the 2nd trimester, the hunger faded and I just began eating normally again, but I still seemed to pack on the lbs. no matter what I did. At my 21 week appt, the doctor (one of 4 in the practice) completely scolded me and made me feel like I was the worst mother on earth. I was devastated. Anyway, after that doctor visit, I was so freaked out about everything I put in my mouth…for about a week. As the week went on, I really thought about how I was eating and realized I was doing everything as I should be…I could not help the weight gain and continued NOT to over do it on anything. Sure enough, it did taper off and only put on a few more lbs at the next visit and a few more at the next. I am now at 30 weeks and yes, I have gained 30 lbs. I know I am at my “limit”, BUT all of my friends and other moms that I have talked to have given out such varied numbers in their weight gain…my sister only put on 35 lbs, but my mom put on 50 lbs with all 3 of her children. Another girl I know put on 60 lbs with her son (she is soo skinny again), and another put on 45 lbs with her daughter and took off the weight slowly, but it all came off and she looks fabulous. I am hoping to breast feed if my body will allow for it and I plan to eat healthy and exercise as time permits when the baby is born. The biggest lesson I learned from the people who KNOW me and love me, is that now is not the time to freak out…enjoy your pregnancy and do what you feel is best. Enjoy this time as it will go by so fast and congrats!!
How much weight have/did you gain(ed) when pregnant?
Q: I know they say the average weight to gain should be between 25-35 pounds; Just curious to see how much different women have gained. (I’m at 27 weeks and I’ve gained 26 pounds.)
A: I gained 39lbs- had my son at 41 weeks-so one week overdue… and, he was 9lbs 10oz!!!! lol We were so shocked of a big boy-even doctors were since we were both healthy. Just remember the last month or two you will gain a pound a week- so 26lbs plus a good 8lbs will be 34lbs… not including what you gain these next couple of weeks. But dont’ worry too much…. I lost 28lbs the first two weeks after having my son, and then the next couple of months lost all but 2 lbs. So it wasn’t too bad! Just remember it takes some time to lose the weight since it takes time to put it all on. Goodluck, and congrats 🙂
Weight gain during pregnancy, is this normal? Also- weight loss after pregnancy by breastfeeding… Read on!?
Q: When I was 8 weeks pregnant my weight was 221 at the Dr’s office, last time I saw the Dr I was 23 weeks pregnant and I weighed 234.. Am I gaining weight to fast? I am eating the same as I was before I got pregnant, I’d say even better because I am eating salads and turkey sandwiches etc.. How much more weight should I expect to put on between now and when the baby comes? Isn’t it like a pound a week or something after a certain point? I hope to lose the baby weight shortly after I give birth because I will be breastfeeding and walking with the baby etc.. Hopefully I’ll lose even more! Anyways how much more weight should I expect to gain, since I have gained 13lbs already with being 26 weeks (although I still fit in my regular clothes they are just uncomfortable because of my baby belly)… Also if you were around my weight before having your baby what did you lose post-pregnancy, and how long did it take you? Thanks :)PS I am 23 and 5’7″
A: Hi…Wow…I am due May 4th with a boy as well :)I think your weight gain sounds perfect…there really is no right or wrong. Just as long as you are growing and gaining…the baby is healthy!I have gained 20 lbs so far. I was 110 before pregnancy, now I’m 130 lbs. My Dr is ok with my weight gain, even though he said I am gaining faster and more weight than others at this stage…oh well…I also have 2 other children. I gained 40 lbs with the 1st and 27 lbs with the 2nd. It didn’t take any time at all to drop the weight…so don’t worry there!Oh, and I am 24 and 5’1″.Hope this helps and good luck 🙂
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