How often do pregnant woman sleep

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Pregnant women need to sleep more, and the more you sleep, the more you dream. I was so exhausted with both mine & couldn’t sleeo. [ Source: ]
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How often do pregnant woman sleep
Pregnant women need to sleep more, and the more you sleep, the more you dream. I was so exhausted with both mine & couldn’t sleeo.
How much sleep does a pregnant woman need?
Aaaaawwww I wish my husband shared the sympathy that you have. When I was pregnant my husband complained because I was too tired to pack and move. I just couldn’t do it! Women need between 8 to 10 hours of sleep at night. But if she gets le…
Is it ok for a pregnant woman to sleep on her back?
Only way I could sleep. Is all this side advice new? Advice such as that tends to change. For example, I remember for years the doc said never let a baby sleep on his/her back, always on tummies. A friend of mine said her doc told her ne…

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how often do pregnant women sleep in the early stages of pregnancy?
Q: this is my 1st pregnancy so i’m kind of curious of everything
A: I sleep for about 12 hrs a day.
I am pregnant and having difficulty sleeping. My doctor told me I can take Benadryl nitely, is it safe?
Q: I am almost 35 weeks pregnant. I’ve been having difficulty sleeping and my OBGYN told me that I could take Benadryl or Tylenol PM to sleep. I asked her how often is safe, and she told me I could take it everynite. There are always conflicting opinions I am finding from doctors, fellow pregnant woman, and ofcourse online. Just wondering if any one else has been in the same situation, and if so, did you take anything. Thank You!
A: ur asking yahoo answers because ur not sure of the doctor u just consulted? lol i think doctors supposed to kno better xD
How often do women have yeast infections before they know there pregnant?
Q: Me and my hubby have been trying to conceive for about 8 months now. And I’m five days from the time i would start my period. I have just getting over my first ever yeast infection. And I seem to be sleeping more than normal and some foods seem to sound really good randomly. By the way my boobs are sore… I was just wondering if this is common or if I’m imagining things. And I have a normal cycle but I ovulate about a week or so into it in stead of around 14 days.
A: Are you taking clomid cause it did that to me right when i was ovulating.Yeast infections happen because theres new yeast being made which is a sign your hormones are working.As far as pregnancy i don’t know cause i didn’t get a bfp.Good luck honey.
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