How often does a pregnant women "pee" a day

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All women are different, but starting at around 6 weeks the need begins to arise constantly. Thanks for asking ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How often should pregnant women exercise?
・ 1. Any sitting exercise machine. Such as; ・ 2. Use low weight with high reps. Try to perform between 12-15 repetitions in 2-3 sets each. If the last … ・ 3. It is not a good idea to do abdominal work after the first trimester. Especially…
Why Do Pregnant Women Have To Urinate Often?
Because of the uterous is expanding and it will cause your blatter to feel pressure this why you have to go to the bathroom alot hope this answer your question
Do pregnant women get sick often?
Heck yes they do! Pregnancy is known to bring on what’s called “pregnancy rhinitis.” Or, pregnancy allergies. Pregnancy tends to ‘swell’ ALL the membranes in your body, and make them more lubricated. Even the membranes in your nos…

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Pregnant women,How often does your baby have the “Hic-up”
Q: My lil man has the hic-ups like twice a day! Does your baby do this?Im 38 1/2 weeks by the way!Yea it does get annoying sometimes, I have to shake my belly sometimes & talk to him to stop feeling the movement,lol, it doesn’t work though!
A: Aww isn’t it sweet? I had them maybe 3-4 times a day, well, he had them, lol.When he was born, i’d feed him, burp him & he’d sleep through it but when it was time to put him down i DREADED those hiccups, as soon as i layed himin his bassinet he’d get them & wake & start crying!!! OMG it was a never-ending story with those hiccups, i swear hubby & i prayed for him not to get them.. Good Luck with that =]God Bless you & baby in You.
how often does a pregnant women urinate, how often does a women who isn’t pregnant urinate?
Q: i was just woundering becuase i have been peeing a lot
A: About 15-20 times in a day a pregnant women used her washroom.And a normal lady used her washroom as the amount of water she consumed.good luck!
How often do pregnant women go to the bathroom a day? Verses Non-pregnant women?
Q: I need an actually number of times a day, IE 10 times a day for pregnant and 5 times a day non pregnant. I need Ten pregnant women answers and ten non pregnant women answers. Its for a statistics class. thanks ladies!!
A: I probably go to the bathroom about 20 times a day, no exaggeration. I drink a ton of water. I can’t remember how often I went before I got pregnant, but I would say it was probably about half that amount.
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