How old can cats be to get pregnant

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Cats can still get pregnant at 7 or 8 years old, but they may start having complications after that time. [ Source: ]
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A cat usually has to be at least five months old before it can get pregnant. Once it starts its heat cycle, it is fertile. Many local animal shelters offer vouchers to help pet owners with the cost of having cats spayed or neutered.
Cats can go into heat at an age as young as 5 months.
If under a year, or older than eight years, your cat will not have an easy time with birthing, and the possibility of deformed kittens is increased. Pregnancy is normally about 60-65 days long. In cases of large litters, length is usually l…

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how old can cats get pregnant/ect?
Q: I have 3 baby kittens all 4 months old *same litter* with no mommy cat. One is a boy, and I wanted to know if he might make his sisters pregnant, how old the have to be the become pregnant.
A: The average age is 6 months. I would have the male neutered first, some vets will do it at 5 months.
Is it possible my 11 month old cat is pregnant?
Q: Okay, my cat was having regular heat cycles every two weeks, but they stopped recently. She got out of the house for a night, and has been out for short periods a few other times, but never very long aside from the night my boyfriend accidently let her out. She was not in heat at the time. It’s been about 3 weeks and her nipples are not swelling at all, so I don’t know what else to look for.The only other behavior I’m noticing is that she goes through her food much more quickly than before, and will even eat the dog’s food if her bowl isn’t filled up right away. She’s very demanding about food right now, which she has never been. She’s always left at least a little food in her bowl when she’s done eating, but now she cleans it out and demands more. Speaking of the dog, how can I keep her away from the cat if possible kittens are born? I’m gone alot of the time, so I’m not sure on what to do. And YES, she will be spayed as soon as this is over!Just some details on the dog, she’s a little pomeranian, and absolutely loves the cat. The cat grew up with her, so they’re best buds. She would never hurt anything, she’s the sweetest dog in the world! And little bitty, so little harm, if any at all, could be done to the kittens. I was mainly concerned because female cats tend to hurt their kittens if anything touches them or goes near them while they’re little. I live in a tiny one bedroom apartment, so places I can confine the cat to when it gets close to time to give birth are limited. Any suggestions?
A: When my cat had kittens, I made her a box with towels and blankets in my closet and only a little bit of space for her to get in so that my dog couldn’t get in. Just somewhere that the cat knows her babies are safe and the dog can’t get to.
Is my almost 1 year old cat pregnant?
Q: well i have a cat and shes like gonna be 1 year old december 14th and i think shes pregnant. shes been wanting to eat all day today and yesterday and shes always running up and down the attic rapidly if thats how you spell it lol shes getting alittle fatter in her upper stomach area.. and its weird ive had 2 dreams about her having kits (im lynxlover543) i ran out of questions to ask today and its in dream interpretations if you wanna know what the dreams were. her nipples are changing colors and she hasnt been in heat yet this month. can you help? please 😉
A: She sounds pregnant. Do you know whose cat got her pregnant? They might keep some of the kittens. I think you should call the vet. He/she might give you some tips.Hope I helped! 🙂
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