How old can goats be to get pregnant

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The earliest age for sexual maturity of angora goats is seven to eight months of age, though a year is better. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How old can goats be to get pregnant
The earliest age for sexual maturity of angora goats is seven to eight months of age, though a year is better. ChaCha!
How old does a goat need to be to get pregnant??
It’s not about the age of the doe (female goat) but rather her weight. If she is one of the full sized breeds, she should not be allowed to get pregnant until she is 80 pounds or more in weight. Baby goats will begin “hump” at onl…

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When can a goat get pregnant?
Q: So, one of my goats had a baby today, and we figured out that she was only 2 months old when she got pregnant. Is this normal? She was barely even fat, and out pops a kid! The kid is healthy, and shes taking good care of him. I’m just wondering how old a pygmy goat has to be to get pregnant, usually.This is sooo weird, because Brownie (the mother) was born on May 27, making her a little over 7 monthes old. We sold the male when she was about 2 months later. She had a fully developed, good sized baby this morning. Shes being a great mother, too.
A: The onset of heat for a pygmy goat is 7-12 months, but they should be first bred at 18 months.
pigme goats?
Q: my cusins bought 3 month old pigme goats and we r watching them for a few weeks but do brothers and sisters mate? and how old do they have to be to get pregnant? what are some good toys for them? what shouldn’t they eat? any info u can give me would be awesome!
A: PYGMY goats are an african breed and i believe they mature quickly meaning they may get pregnant at this age (and the burden of the fetuses will probably kill the doeling (young female). Good toys for goats would be an empty cable spool. stick a board over the hole in the center so they dont break legs. -goats shouldnt eat anything but hay, grasses, fruit/ vegetables, water, and grains, but feeding too much causes bloat -extra gasses in the Rumen (1st stomach)While you are caring for them, make sure their pen is clean and they cant get injured, offer clean water, trim hooves often, deworm, and keep them happy!
How can i tell if my goat is pregnant.?
Q: i got her almost a year ago and shes been with our buck for a while. hes only 7 months old so i don’t know if hes able to get her pregnant yet. shes very vocal so i cant really tell that way. so how else can i tell because i heard that goats can form a bag anywhere from a month to a week before she gives birth
A: I think your buck is not old enough yet so you should wait awhile and she will probably get bred. She should start bagging about two months before she has her baby. That is probably the only way you can be sure she is really bred. Good luck! 🙂 🙂
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