How old was the oldest pregnant woman

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Khurshid Bibi, an 80-year-old woman in Multan, may be the oldest woman to ever be pregnant. ChaCha for now! Text back soon! [ Source: ]
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Who was the oldest pregnant woman in the world
A 70-year-old Indian woman is world’s oldest mother giving birth to twins on July 4, 2008. Her name is Omkari Panwar. ChaCha on!
How old was th oldest pregnant woman and where was she from??
A 70 years old Indian woman…z
Who is the oldest pregnant women in the world?
a 70 year old women in India… as I recall the couples name is Mr. and Mrs. Devi but I could be wrong. Recently, a 78-year-old woman in Hunan Province discovered that she was pregnant. She had heard a noise in her abdomen and her abdomen b…

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How old is the oldest woman that you know or heard of who became pregnant NATURALLY?
Q: By naturally, I mean NO artificial means such as no fertility drugs or artificial insemination, or anything else that doctors can do!! And I also don’t want examples from the bible of Sarah & Elizabeth. They were both very old when they became pregnant. It was a miracle from God, no doubt. But my question is meant for modern times and not from 2 thousand years ago…Thanks for answering!
A: This is the only one I could find that was with out IVF was 56 years old and that was in south America in 1956
How old was the oldest woman ever to get pregnant and give birth?
A: Sarah was in her 90s.
What do you think of this 66yr old pregnant woman?
Q: ”Elizabeth Adeney, 66, of Lidgate, Suffolk, UK, is reported to be about eight months pregnant after undergoing IVF treatment abroad.She is four years older than the country’s previous oldest mother.Most British clinics will not offer the treatment to women over the age of 50.”What was she thinking?…left it a bit late didn’t she? even 10 years ago would be too old! How could an IVF clinic willingly do this to any woman over 50 knowing full well all the complications?..I thought getting IVF abroad had certain laws…or am i wrong?She’ll be 84 when the kid’s 18. :OI respect it’s her decision and everything…but it’s not fair or ‘right’ to try and raise a baby when you’re a pensioner!
A: Unfair to the child.that child will have to be her carer!so its likely at the age of 10 ‘baby’ will have to do full time school. housework duties dinner etc.. and be a full time carer!Not Fair At All!Quite Selfish I Think =/
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