How old will I be when I get pregnant the first time

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You will get pregnant when the time is right in your life, like many others do. Anything else? ChaCha on! [ Source: ]
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How old were you when you got pregnant for the first time??
28. I was 29 when she was born.
Can a 14yr old girl get pregnant the first time?
Yes, if she has had her period, then she can get pregnant at any time. I know many teens who didn’t think they could get pregnant the first time, but they did. Please be responsible and use protection if you are unwilling to be abstinent.
How old does female cats has to be to get pregnant for the first …?
They can get pregnant in their very first cycle–before they’re even 5 months old. If a kitten becomes pregnant before they’re scheduled to be spayed, the vet can terminate the litter and spay at the same time for the health and safety of t…

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Is it an old wives tale that getting pregnant the first time is the hardest?
Q: I am beeing told 2 forget about getting pregnant and it will happen sooner. How in the H*** does one forget u wanna get pregnant and hold a little bundle of Joy in ur arms?I tried and forgot about it for 3-4 hours and when they show a baby on the tv I wanna cry, I want 2 have a baby sooooo bad, we have beentrying 2 have a baby for 5 years now and no luck there is nothing wrong with either of us, we r perfectly healthy!! I can’t focus on anything else. How do I forget about haveing a baby or wanting 2 get pregnant?
A: I kow exactly how you feel, I really want to have a baby, too. We have been trying for a while and it still hasn’t happened, so I do believe it is the hardest to conceive your first….I feel the same as you as far as how can I NOT stop thinking about it! 4 of my closest friends are all expecting within the year and it is driving me crazy!! Having to pick out shower gifts, wishing they were my own. But the way I stop thinking so much about it is to have sex a lot, because when you are doing it, you know that there is a chance, and I am comforted in that. I am hoping (and I have a gut feeling) that May (this month) is the month that it FINALLY happens for me! Everywhere I look its baby stuff, from TV commercials, to TV shows, to people saying something about babies. It’s all been happening lately and I just have that feeling! Good luck to you and TONS of Baby Dust! You will get your miracle!
Transition to toddler bed?
Q: Kind of a long story but I figure a little background would help.I have one of those 3 in 1 cribs. At about 17 months we transitioned her crib to the toddler bed. The first night she did perfect. She came in to our room when she woke up in the morning and we cuddled in bed for a little bit. The second night went smoothly also. On the third night though she refused to go to sleep and kept getting out of bed. I gave in after about 5 hour of fighting with her and set up the pack and play in her room. She fell right to sleep. I kept trying to toddler bed after that at nap and bed time but she refused to sleep so I would resort to putting her in the pack and play. I gave up after a few weeks of very late nights and let her sleep in the pack in play, keeping the toddler bed in case she decided she wanted to sleep in it. She is now 21 months old. We moved in with my brother about a month and half ago due to my husband being deployed to Afghanistan. Me and her now share a room. She sleeps in her pack and play and I on our mattress on the floor. I waited a month for her to get adjusted to daddy being gone and she has done very well. She is acting as normal as usual, of course having a down day now and then. I want to try transitioning her again because am 16 and a half weeks pregnant with our second child and am having a difficult time with nausea and bending over to get her out of the pack and play. Also I am planning on starting potty training as soon as she turns two and I don’t want to have to introduce her to two transitions at the same. I don’t want to overwhelm her.I have tried putting her in my bed with me but she will not sleep as long as I am in the bed with her. She just wants to play. I have tried putting her in my bed so she has my blankets, pillow, etc. But every time I put her somewhere other than a crib she cries like she scared. I have tried letter her cry but like I said, she is crying because she is scared. I don’t know what she could be scared of. She did just fine those first few times. But every time after she has always had that scared cry. I don’t know how to fix this. I don’t think I can bend over that bed another night. Anyone who has had experience with this or any advise on the transition would be great. Thanks!
A: well one thing is for sure, don’t stress yourself too much trying to pick her up! that could be bad for the baby inside of you if you strain too much, i’m sure you know this though. maybe until you figure out what to do can your brother pick her up for you? the pack and play mattress can go up higher can’t it? maybe you could raise it. not sure if this is true or not but i looked at some pictures online and it looked like the mattress was only about a foot down from the top, this would make it easier to pick her up, right? although that might make the structure top heavy so im not sure… do you still have the manual? of you could email the company and ask them. as far as getting her to go in the toddler bed, have you considered bribery? it sounds like she really doesn’t want to go for whatever reason, so if she could manage to overcome her fear that would merit some kind of reward. have you tried having her sit on the toddler bed or anything during the day? maybe it is scary and unfamiliar at night, but maybe if you sit together and arrange stuffed animals on it or something during the day to get her used to it it wouldn’t be so bad. also, if your mattress is on the floor have you considered scooting the toddler bed up to your mattress? you might run into the problem of her wanting to play with you, but if you put on some soft music or something maybe she will eventually get tired and fall asleep. or how about if you do something during the day to make sure she is tired out, like have her fall asleep in the car or something. this way you can just pick her up (or have your brother pick her up) and then set her on the toddler bed. if she’s sleeping well enough she might not even realize it. then when she wakes up next to you, hopefully she’ll see it wasn’t so scary. gradually you could scoot the toddler bed away from your mattress if you wanted to. hope this helps!
Is this a normal reaction when you are pregnant?
Q: I am pregnant for the first time–at 38. I am single, so there is no father around. I have waited and wanted a child for so long, so I am obviously excited at the prospect of having a child. I am currently 14 weeks pregnant. :)The one thing I am having difficulty with is I am terrified of having a boy. While I know on a logical level that I will love my child regardless of whether or not I have a girl or a boy, I am having dreams that my son will grow up and never be around or that he will marry a woman who hates me and keeps him from me and we won’t have a relationship in his adulthood. I keep thinking that if I have a girl, I will have a close relationship with my daughter, but if it is a boy, I won’t. Why am I thinking this way? Is this a normal pregnancy thing? I have a 18 month old nephew whom I adore and get along well with–so why would I think otherwise of my own child? I would love to hear if others have had this same experience and how you dealt with it.
A: hormones can do some crazy things when you’re pregnant. I think that you’re thinking too far into it and you have nothing to worry about. I’m sure that if you raise him right he will have a wonderful respect for women because he will grow up knowing how wonderful his mommy is 🙂 Good luck
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