How should I tell my boyfriend that I could be pregnant

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If you think you may be pregnant tell your boyfriend you have some concerns and think you need to take a pregnancy test. Maybe you could buy the test together and find out at the same time. [ Source: ]
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You should wait until you have some time to speak with him alone. Make sure that he has some time to consider the news. Don’t surprise him on his way to work or before he needs to be somewhere. Don’t beat around the bush and just tell him!’m_pregnant
Hi there, If it’s a choice between your boyfriend or your baby, you know what the loving decision is. Boyfriends come and go, but your child is forever. That baby will always be your own child, your own flesh and blood, and if your immature…
can i just say one thing – you are so brave on deciding on having an abortion sooner rather than later, else it would of made things a lot more harder! Just say it. Besides, it takes 2 to tango. Its really good that you trust your step dad …

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How should I tell my boyfriend im pregnant? Help please.?
Q: Should I tell my boyfriend that I might be pregnant or should I wait until I know for sure? When I do tell him that I could be or am pregnant, how should I even begin? I don’t want him to fall on the floor. Please help thank you!
A: if it was me i would wait until i would know for sure and then hint to him that you are, if you really are pregnant (: hope that helps!
Could i be pregnant and how do i tell my boyfriend i might be?
Q: We had a pregnancy scare this July, which ended up just being a false alarm. But this time it’s all different! I was nauseous last night and all today. I woke up with sore and slightly swollen breast. Over the weekend i was exhausted even when i slept for nine hours saturday night. And now i’ve lost my appetite. The last time we had sex was on September 7th when my period ended. It was multiple times, he wore no condom and i had just started my first pill of birth control the night before. And it recommends not to have sex for a whole week when beginning the pill again.Then a few days after we had sex i had very light redish/brownish discharge for two-three days, but i just didn’t think much of it. And now all this is hitting me.Could i be pregnant? I know it’s been along enough that i would be showing symptoms by now.And how should i tell my boyfriend i might be pregnant if this continues the whole week?
A: All you can do is take a test. I wouldn’t say anything to him unless you get a positive on a test. That’s what i did. Why put more stress on a relationship if there doesn’t need to be.
i am 15 and really scared that i could be pregnant. please tell me what i should do?
Q: So i am 15 years old. i am pretty regular but its not a certain amount of days every month its around 28 days but it could be more or less, it depends. Me and my boyfriend have sex all the time. sometimes we do it 3 or 4 times a day. nothing went wrong. we used trojan condoms, they never broke because my boyfriend checks them after every time and he pulls out right before he is about to ejaculate. But i am past 28 days going on to 31 days since i had my period last. i am really scared that i am pregnant. but i haven’t shown any signs other then i’m really tired all of a sudden, but that could be because i’m sick. do you think i might be pregnant? how long should i wait before i take a pregnancy test? and if you were ever a young teen and were pregnant, can you please tell me your story and what you did and how well everyone took it?
A: What should you do? Stop screwing at 15..
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