How should you tell your boyfriend you are pregnant

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Well, just be straight up with him. Sit him down on the couch, and tell him directly that you’re pregnant. Discuss your options. [ Source: ]
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・ 1 Make sure that you are really pregnant. If your period is simply late, this may be a sign of pregnancy… ・ 2 Decide whether you want to do something fun to surprise him. For example, there are specialty greeting… ・ 3 Choose the right…
nothing of this matter is ever easy first of all you have to consider what type of person he is! does he fly off the handle easily or is he pretty much laid back? anyway there is one very important issue at hand and that is your baby, we…
・ Anticipate all possible reactions and how you will react to them. Don’t plan out an entire speech, including… ・ Set a good time to tell him. For instance, it’s not a good time when he’s already stressed out or angry… ・ Start positivel…’re-Pregnant

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how long should you Waite to tell your boyfriend your pregnant?
Q: Me and my boyfriend are pregnant so when should i tell him
A: I would tell him as soon as you can. It might be helpful to have support right away. Good luck.
When should you tell you boyfriend your pregnant?
Q: Im 17 and ive been seeing this guy for a couple of weeks and ive just found out im pregnant and it has to be his. Im scared of telling him because i dont know how he will react, we havent been going out long ,and it looks like i just wanted to get pregnant to rope him in, but i didnt, i had plans for my life, big plans that i wont be able to do now im pregnant. i want to keep it and im not sure if he will bolt or not?? im so scared.
A: I would tell him…although you might be scared about what he might also had to deal with the news…if he bolts then he wasnt even good enough to have a relationship with anyways..he should have made sure there was some sort of protection if he didnt wanna be in this of luck and i hope everything works out with your bf..and congrats on your baby..
How do you tell your boyfriend you are pregnant for the second time?
Q: The first time I got pregnant, we knew each other for a month. That was the first time I had ever done anything like that. I was in my last year of my undergraduate program. He wanted me to have an abortion, and at the last minute, I changed my mind. When our son was two months, he came back into the picture and we got to know each other and fell in love with each other. He wants to have another child with me, but I don’t think so soon. Our son is only going to be two in two months, on the day I graduate with my MBA. He “came” inside me, then told me I should get on the pill, causing me to think he doesn’t want one yet. Then he had sex with me again and came inside and didn’t stop. So far, having a child hasn’t stopped me from pursuing my goals, but I hope he feels the same. We are going to move in together after I graduate. How should I tell him?Thanks everyone for being so helpful. I feel a lot better now. Perhaps I’ll just tell him on Father’s day, which just so happens to be on both of our father’s birthday. LOL Again, thank you for sincere answers.
A: Honey, I know it’s hard but you just have to tell him. I’m sure he knows about the birds and the bees, and you both were taking a big risk. Sometimes you have the chance to plain things and sometimes you don’t…I know it would be a little harsh, but you could get him one of those Father’s Day Cards that say it inside!
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