How soon can you get pregnant after having a miscarriage

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Most doctors recommend waiting for at least one complete cycle after a miscarriage to try to conceive again.Consult with doctor. [ Source: ]
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How soon could you get pregnant after having a miscarriage??
Your actually more fertile after you miscarry, but it is advised to wait 3 months before trying again. It is possible however to get pregnant right away. <3
How soon after having a miscarriage can a woman get pregnant agai…?
Right away..and I mean right away..I got pregnant 2 weeks after my miscarriage
How Soon After Having A Miscarriage/DC Could You Get Pregnant??
There is chance of getting pregnancy in the next cycle. It means cycle which starts immediately after the miscarriage and D & C. But medically it is not advised to get pregnant for few cycle after miscarriage. Usually doctor advise to a…

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How soon after miscarriage, can you get pregnant again?
Q: I had a miscarriage last week, and had to have a D & C done. I know my body needs time to heal. But how soon can you get pregnant again? My husband and I are going to wait a couple months before trying to concieve again, but is it true you can concieve just a few days after having a D & C, or miscarriage?
A: i had a d&c on september 25th…and im 4-5 weeks pregnant again without having a period…i conceived 4 weeks after the d&c, its very possible x
How soon after a miscarriage did you get pregnant again?
Q: I had a miscarriage on June 23rd at nine weeks. Now I am almost positive I am pregnant again. I have had all the symptoms that I had in my first pregnancy. But I have to wait a couple more days before I can take a HPT. I was just wondering how long it was after a miscarriage that you got pregnant? Is it unsafe or bad for my body or the baby if I am pregnant this soon after a miscarriage? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Have a great day!!
A: I had a miscarriage in December. I am now 8 weeks 5 days prego :)) I waited awhile just to make sure my body was ready 🙂
How soon after miscarriage can you fall pregnant?
Q: On friday me and my gf went for her 12 week scan to be told that she had suffered from a blighted ovum, therefore she took a tablet and had some pesseries inserted into her and misscarried in hospital on tuesday, the bleeding had slowed down to next to nothing and on wednesday we had unprotected sex, could that get her pregnant? if so is there a risk of her misscarrying again? and has anybody else fallen pregnant quickly after having a miscarriage before waiting the recommended time? thanks
A: She needs to monitor her ovulation, and so soon after a miscarriage (or even a normal period) she is extremely unlikely to be ovulating.I can tell you about my experience and hope it helps. After one successful and uneventful first pregnancy (he’s now 16 months) I conceived within 6 months of his birth. At my 12 week scan they said baby had stopped growing at 10 weeks. I had ERPC (surgery to remove the pregnancy) 2 weeks later and subsequent blood clot that needed treatment and scans for about 6 weeks. I had positive pregnancy tests till about 5 weeks after the surgery even though pregnancy was well gone. We didn’t even attempt to BD during this time. In Jnauary this year I had a ‘normal’ period, conceived in feb then I miscarried at 7 weeks in March, got immediately pregnant and miscarried at 5 weeks in April, got immediately pregant and miscarried at 4.5 weeks in May (the last 2 would probably be called chemical pregnancies!). Am now pregnant again (4.5 weeks). This one feels different and stronger ( I knew 5 dpo that I was pregnant due to breast sensations and had a positive hpt 9 dpo and it’s getting stronger)I only waited to ttc again after my first miscarriage as it was later than my more recent ones and the hpt’s that i was taking were positive so there was no physiological way I could conceive. Since then I strongly beleive it has been bad luck and I will continue to try even if I lose this current pregnancy. The tests that my GP has done are all normal, I am 38 and although I am due to see a gynae specialist in august I think I will be cancelling as my pregnancy will be about 10 weeks by then (fingers crossed.).Go with your instinct, all doctors I have consulted have said there’s no physical reason to wait, it’s for dating, and an early scan can help them with that. I wish you all the very best.
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