How soon can you tell you are pregnant and what are the signs

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Some pregnancy signs can begin to show within a couple of weeks. Signs include: swollen/tender breasts, fatigue, frequent…More? [ Source: ]
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What are some signs of being pregnant, besides missing your perio…?
SIgns of early pregnancy: Increase smell Nausea cravings/food diversions headaches dizziness cramping moodiness sore tender breast/nipples Darkening of areolas Frequent urination constipation bloated implantation bleeding You don’t have to …
What are early signs of pregnancy and how soon can you tell ??
well every one is different as i found out i was pregnant at 4months and i was still on my period and i did not experience any symptoms however the most common are morning sickness, you get put of food that you usually love!, u may feel ver…
How soon can you tell you are pregnant? What are the early signs??
Some women claim to feel different the moment of conception. It’s hard to tell at first because many of the symptoms are exactly like what you feel when you are about to start your period. I just found out I am pregnant. I’m in the early st…

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How soon after sex can you tell if your pregnant?
Q: The last time I had sex was April 30th. I have already taken a pregnancy test, and it showed negative. I still feel like I’m pregnant though. It’s hard to explain what it is I feel. What are the early signs of pregnancy, and how soon can you tell if you are pregnant?
A: well, that is really recent. your body needs time to raise the pregnancy hormones, and these are what trigger a positive response on the pregnancy tests, but no sooner than the 22 day after fertilization.The bigger question is, is this a planned event or not. I hope it is and wish you the best. If not, some of my best friends were whoops events. Consider Beethoven who many say that his mother would have been advised to abort were she pregnant now. Interesting thought. Anyway, either way, your life may be different from now on.
How soon after trying can you tell your pregnant?
Q: I already have a toddler,but at the time,I must have taken about a trillion pregnancy tests until it eventually came up positive.I def wont be doing the same this time round.We tried this morning for the first time,and I am ovulating.Can anyone tell me what the tell tale signs are that its worked and how long it usually takes before you get any signs?My memory isnt 2 good,2 years ago is a bit of a blur,so any info or advice would be greatly appreciated.Thanks 🙂
A: you have options, wait a week go to doctor get a urine/blood test there. or wait 3 weeks and get the one prego test that tells you before missed period…. because it can take the sperm to ferterlize egg over 24 hours or so. so thats one day. and i think the only real sign is week 2 14-15 days in, you have to use the bathroom constantly.
How soon can you tell if you are pregnant after sleeping with someone?
Q: Does your body feel weird after only 6 days?? I woke up feeling really weird/ different. I feel like something is different with my body. I can”t really explain it. Also, what are the signs of pregnancy and how soon do they come?
A: Try testing 19 days after conception-This is a guideline only…taken from “what to expect when your expecting”. Many pregnancy symptoms come and go or don’t show at all and can happen at any time and each are different from woman to woman…with that in mind- Morning sickness- 2-8 weeks after conception.Frequent urination- Usually 6-8 weeks after conception.Tingling,tender,swollen breasts- As early as a few days after conception.Changes in colour of vaginal and cervical tissue (during a medical exam)- First trimester.Darkening of the areola and elevation of tiny glands around nipple- First trimester.Blue and pink lines under skin on breasts and later on abdomen- First trimester.Food cravings- First trimester.Darkening of line from navel to pubis- 4th or 5th month.Softening of the uterus and cervix (during med exam)- 2-8 weeks after conception.Enlarging uterus and abdomen (during med exam)- 8-12 weeks.Intermittent painless contractions- early in pregnancy,increasing in frequency as pregnancy advances.Fetal movements- First noted at 16-22 weeks of pregnancy.Visual of embryo or gestational sac through ultrasound- As early as 4-6 weeks after conception.Fetal heartbeat- At 10-20 weeks (depending on device used)Fetal movements felt through abdomen- After 16 weeks.Month 1- Fatigue and sleepiness, frequent urination, nausea with or without vomiting,excess salivation,heartburn,indigestion, flatulence, bloating,food aversions,cravings,breast changes.Good luck 🙂
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