How soon does a pregnancy test take to find out if your pregnant

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Most urine pregnancy test will give accurate result if test few days after period would normally be due. Some tests 4 days before! [ Source: ]
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How soon can I take a pregnancy test and find out I’m pregnant??
You can get pregnant at anytime you don’t use birth control. If you do not chart or monitor your fertility in any way, and you think you may have conceived, you should wait 19 days (or longer) after having sex to test. Why 19?! Sperm can…
Can you take a home pregnancy test and find out as soon as 3 week…?
The first two weeks you aren’t pregnant yet but the doctor’s date the pregnancy starting at the first day of your last period so that would make you 6 weeks but the actual gestational age of the fetus would be somewhere around 4 weeks becau…
When is the soonest you can take a pregnancy test to find out if …?
I would say at least a week to 2 weeks after your first missed period.

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How soon b4 u miss your period can u take the ept home pregnancy test?
Q: So, here’s the thing. Five days ago, I had sexual intercourse where the condom “slipped” off according to my bf…I don’t get my period until 12-15 days from now. How soon can i take the ept test and have a correct answer from it? I don’t want to wait that long to find out if i am or if i am not pregnant. what should i do?
A: 4 days before your missed period is about the earliest. Even then, you will want to take another one a week later if it is negative.
How early can I take an hcg beta quant blood test to find out if I am pregnant or not and it to be accurate?
Q: My last period started July 14th. I have a 28 day cycle. Trying to concieve. Taking FertilAid to help concieve. When is the soonest I can take a urine pregnancy test to test and when is the soonest I can take a hcg beta quant test to find out if I am pregnant or not? I had one done on Monday but it came out negative. Could it have been to early to tell on an hcg beta quant blood test then? Thanks for all your answers.
A: You need to wait at least till 10dpo to do pregnancy test. So if u ovulated on 14 day of your cycle, you need to test on the 24th day of your cycle, which would be August 9th at the earliest. Monday was way too early.Good luck.
A question for the all of the pregnant mother’s out there?
Q: I just wanted to know how could you tell that you were pregnant? I had my daughter eight years ago and I honestly can’t remember the tell tale signs that I was indeed pregnant? I am having a constant headache,I have felt a little dizzy,and I am nauseous when I get up in the morning.Is there any way that you can get pregnant if you do the mattress tango three days after ovulation? If you can get pregnant three days after you have ovulated,what are some definite signs that you are pregnant? I just,”feel different,”because I am so tired all of the time,I don’t have much of an appetite and after I eat I feel kind of nauseous too!What were your symptoms when you found out or just had that,”feeling,”that you were pregnant? How soon after conception did your body start to feel differently? I just don’t want to get my hopes up that I am pregnant and then find out I am just having PMS. How soon can you take a pregnancy test after you think that you are pregnant? Thanks for your help!
A: I kept getting cramping but no period
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