How soon will I know if I am pregnant

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Hi. Pregnancy tests are not usually accurate until at least the first day of your missed period. [ Source: ]
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Some pregnancy tests claim they can tell you as early as 5 days before you expect your period. For more accurate results, wait till the day you expect your period. If the test is negative, but you still do not get your period, test again wh…
You should wait until the 1st day of your missed period. By I found out 13 days after I had sex, not a day sooner. ・ Conception usually occurs about 5-7 days after intercourse ・ Your most fertile period is about 5 days before ovulation …
My estimated date of conception was April 3rd… I started feeling cramps in my lower abdomen around April 11th. These cramps lasted for about a week to a week and a half. Some cramps were mild, others were stronger. I took a pregnancy test…

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How will i know if i’m pregnant..?
Q: well i have a very irregular period which makes everything harder than it is — on both november and december i received my period on the 14th. This past january, i ended up with my period on the 19th. I’ve been ttc for almost a year and nothing yet. I noticed that i’m gaining weight, and my appetite is a little out of wack but nothing else. I normally get these symptoms around the time that i start my period but it’s still too soon — i also normally get premenstrual cramps prior to me period as well, but i haven’t had those either. I’ve had sex almost everyday after my period ended and that’s when these symptoms have occurred. So i took a digital pregnancy test lastnight just to be sure and it said ‘not pregnant’. Can you tell me if it was too soon, or am i just over reacting??I have 3 more tests left and i don’t want to waste them if it’s nothing serious.
A: I think it might have been too soon. Do your periods come every month? or do they sometimes skip? if they come every month but on irregular times-then you just have to wait till you miss a period in February to be more sure. I dont know how else, to be honest. Im usually very regular so it was easy for me when I was pregnant with my kids.IN any case-Baby dust to you!
I am 10 weeks pregnant with my second Child. How soon will I be able to feel it move?
Q: I heard that with your second pregnancy you can feel the baby move earlier than with your first. Is this true? If so, does anyone know around when I might feel the baby move?
A: It kind of depends on when you felt your first one. They say that you usually feel your second one move about 2 weeks earlier than what you felt your first one.
How soon will I know if I am pregnant before I take the actual test.?
A: Some women “just know”, it’s creepy actually. You won’t “know” you’re pregnant until you get a +HPT, I’ve had a couple of scares and the negatives told me I wasn’t. And the only sure sign of pregnancy is giving birth.
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