How soon will you get pregnant after taking Clomid

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Every woman is different and there is no set time that you will become pregnant on Clomid. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How soon after giving birth can I begin taking clomid to get preg…?
That’s something to discuss with your doctor. My two cents worth would be to tell you to wait at LEAST a year, two years is better, before getting pregnant again. Pregnancy wreaks HAVOC on your body, and it needs time to bounce back to norm…

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How soon can I get pregnant on Clomid?
Q: I will start taking clomid on 10/31 50mg (2 times a day), and I am also taking Metformin 800mg (2 times a day). I was wondering how soon after starting clomid have you or others got pregnant? And the chances of multiples?
A: My dr suggested me clomid 50mg (1time aday)from 3rd day till 7th day of periods…using it my periods are also regular but it took me 4months to get pregnant…now i’m pregnant…many women get pregnant after using 2months and some take more than 1year…so dont be dishearted…keep on trying…For conception take a multi vitamins or Folic Acid daily….the best vitamins for conception is “Pregnacare”,belive me it really work…only i have taken 23 tablets and on 24th day i took a test and it was positive…my doctor advice me use it more than 4months…eat healthy diet including fresh orange or fresh orange juice daily…dont take any stress…and a joyable sex especially on ur ovulation dates…tell ur partner to take 2tbs honey daily before going to bed…God bless you both…6weeks pregnant…:)
When should I stop taking Vitex if I am going to be starting Clomid soon?
Q: So I am currently taking Vitex, and I have been for about the last 11 weeks to regulate my cycles. My cycles are very long, but have been getting shorter since on Vitex. I have an appointment next week with my OBGYN and I’ll start taking taking Clomid after I get my next period which should be sometime towards the end of next week. So I will probably start my first cycle of Clomid the following week. My main question is: When should I stop taking Vitex because I know that I can not take them both at the same time or they will cancel eachother out, and the Clomid will not work. Has anyone used this combintation before? Also, how were your experiences with Clomid? How long did it take you to get pregnant?Thanks Everyone!
A: You should ask your Dr about when you should stop taking the Vitex.
How soon did you get a positive pregnancy test after Clomid round?
Q: I am almost finished with my first round of Clomid. I was on 50mg day 3-7. I also take 2000mg of Metformin per day. I was wondering if anyone has gotten pregnant on the first round and if so how long did it take for a positive pregnancy test? Friday will by my CD21 and I am supposed to have blood work and start taking preg. tests until CD30 at which time I’ll talk to my doctor about starting another round next month. I am so anxious I can’t stop thinking about it and I’m wondering how disappointed I am going to be if it’s negative. I already have myself all depressed worrying about it! Thanks!
A: i was on my first round of clomid 100 mg the beginning of this month, and i took a hpt 3 days before my period was due and got a very very faint positive. i wanted to be sure, so i tested again the next 3 days and they were all neg. i was so confused and didnt want to get excited if i was not pregnant, but i took another test yesterday and one today( i kno i am a poas addict, lol) and they were both faintly positve. so my advice to you is wait until the day of you expected period to take a test, so you dont drive yourself crazy like i did! and good luck to you… i hope you get your positive!!!
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