How to calculate how pregnant you are

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You need to know the date of the 1st day of your last period. (If you text us that info we can tell you if you want) ChaCha. [ Source: ]
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How to calculate how pregnant you are
You need to know the date of the 1st day of your last period. (If you text us that info we can tell you if you want) ChaCha.
How to Calculate Pregnancy Due Date
・ 1 The first thing you will need to do to calculate your pregnancy due date is to determine the first… ・ 2 Once you have all of that information, you will want to find an online pregnancy due date calculator… ・ 3 Ultimately you will ne…
What is a pregnancy calculator?
Quite simply a pregnancy calculator is a smashing little tool that will assist you as a pregnant mother to predict due date of your expected baby. There are many resources online that offer the services of a pregnancy calculator, many of wh…

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What type of abortion can i have? Not sure how long i’ve technically been pregnant for?need advice and support?
Q: hi, i’m not religious and i’m having an abortion, i am not williing to raise a child in the life that i currently have so please all pro-life obsessives please don’t reply to this topic, i want advice, not to be treated like a criminal weather you think i am one or not…now to the questiondue to being out of my home country (UK) till the 3rd of Jan i was wondering if anyone knew excatly how to calculate how pregnant i am.i concieved on i’m pretty sure the 15th of Dec and had my last period on the 25th of Nov and the date is currently the 26th of Dec, does that mean i’m one month pregnant or just under 2 weeks in the eyes of having an abortion? i would really rather have the first type (up to 9 weeks) but due to nhs waiting lists i dont know how viable this is, if my pregnancy is recorded as starting on Nov 25, any clarifications would be really appreciated!many thanks! Poppy
A: just so you know i am completely against abortion, and it would be so much better to have the baby then give it up for adoption but…that is just my opinion….. i know you can have abortions up till you are like 3 or 4 months in the usa, my friend had an abortion at like 3 months and i was sad because we were due right around the same time, but that is what i know and it is different for every body, some women have bad bleeding other women don’t bleed at all, and the farther along your are when you have the abortion, the more you have an increased risk for infection. hope you do what you feel is right, and just know you are going to have to live with the decision you make for the rest of your life!!….get on birth control and use condoms….an abortion is NOT an alternate form of birth control.
When calculating how many weeks pregnant you are?
Q: Ok I am five weeks pregnant . But how do I know which day makes it five weeks. Is it monday? Or do you calculate it with the first day of your period. I guess what I am trying to say is how do you know what day your weeks turn over. My last period started on 5/10/09. Can anyone tell me this??? Thanks!
A: Ok, I went onto and typed in ur last period. ( 5/10/09) Assuming u have a 28 day cycle it says u are 5 weeks with a due date of Feb 14, 2010. Here is what the article said about due dates. ( copy and paste) Dates and numbers:There are 243 days until your due date on February 14, 2010.You are 37 days pregnant.You are 1.2 months pregnant.You are in your 2nd month of pregnancy.Your 1st trimester: May 10, 2009 to August 08, 2009. (0 – 12 weeks)Your 2nd trimester: August 09, 2009 to November 21, 2009. (13 – 27 weeks)Your 3rd trimester: November 22, 2009 to February 14, 2010. (28 – 40 weeks)Checking the calendar Aug 8 is a Sat, so each Sunday u will start a new week going by that. Now, I will warn you..u will prob get a 1st trimester ultrasound and due dates will prob change so u will have to readjust. Like, my EDD was 12/24 based on my LMP. However, doing the ultrasound I wasn’t quite as far along and it changed me to 12/31/2009. Every Thursday I begin a new week. But the good thing about this website is that u can punch in either ur LMP or ur due date and the calculations will change automatically. Hope this helps!
Trying to get Pregnant, and to calculate ovulation date?
Q: The first day of my last period was July 22nd. And I usually have 28-29 day cycles- but I have had a few months that were 31-32 days( I alsways figured that it was due to stress to be that late). According to Webmd, I would have ovulated Aug 4th. Me and my husband had sex Aug 1,2 and the morning of the 3rd. (Perfect timing right?) BUT I don’t really feel anything when/if I ovulate so how do I know I ovulated? AND If I did not than does that mean I could ovulate as late as the 7th of Aug? I know my husband wants a break from having sex so the 4th we didn’t have sex and its the 5th. Do you think I have a good chance of concieving? If not when should we try again?
A: I think you’re right to consider your possible fertile window to be as large as possible, so BD today would be a good idea, and also 6th and 7th to be sure. To calculate it, you should take the longest and shortest possible cycles (ie: 28 and 32 in your case) and subtract 14 from each of these numbers. That’s the likely ovulation date for both extreme scenarios. Then minus 5 from the smallest number and add two to the biggest number. That’s your ‘fertile window’.Finding out when you ovulate is tricky, but I would suggest that you Google ‘EWCM’ and learn to identify it. It’s really useful for cross-checking with the ovulation calculator!
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