How would i tell my parents im pregnant

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The best way is to simply come out and tell them without delay – just make sure to do it at a time when they are not stressed. [ Source: ]
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Abortion or not is up to you . . . If you go to a Planned Parenthood clinic that has a low-income program it can be as cheap as 100$. If you tells them you have no job, no money and no support they will likely have you pay the minimum for t…
well how old are you? im 16 and was so scared that my mom was going to kick me out and everything just one day i decided its time to tell her, i had texted her “would you love me no matter what” and she replaid saying yes then i …
Umm, Well, the question really is, do you want to keep the baby? if you dont, the doctors have a right to give you an abortion without informing your parents, but if you want to keep the baby, tell your parents to there face, that works be…

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how would i tell my parents im pregnant?
Q: well im 13 and pregnant and the baby daddy bailed out so how can i tell my parents he bailed out and how can i tell them im pregnant.
A: Hun, the only thing you can do is be open and honest with them. Don’t hide it, parents always know when something is going on.Sit them down and tell them that you made a mistake, you are pregnant and the dad does not want anything to do with the pregnancy. Their recation may surprise you…also tell them that you are scared. Yes they are going to be in shock or they could be a angry at first, but they will come around and you can all work together to make this work.
what would be the best why to tell my parents im pregnant?
Q: im 19 and im extremely nervous of telling my parents that i might be pregnant. the other night i was at my boyfriends house and started getting these unusual pains and then i threw up twice. after that i tried to calm down and while walking to my car threw up again… i havent taken a pregnancy test yet, but if it does come out positive how do i break it to my parents??? PLEASE HELP!!!
A: just ask ur mom and dad if u can sit down and talk to them let them know that u love with and u would never do anything to hurt them tell them u think u messed up and u don’t know what to do and just tell them that u think u are pregnant and u would like them to be there for u trust me i had to do this at 15 with my mom and dad it was not that easy but my daughter is 5 now and they love her with all there hearts my daughter is a papas girl also if ur boyfriend know that u may be have him come over also it will show a lot of respect for him being there also
How can I tell my parents Im pregnant?
Q: Hi i am 15 years old and first pregnancy and 5 weeks. i am a little scared i might miscarry but my parents dont even know im pregnant. infact im a little scared because the fathers could be between 2 guys. I have had a little blood flow a bleeding. im just scaed about me and my pregnancy i whish every thing would just go away and i could stop being called a hoe. I have been having some dizziness and defainteness is that normal during pregnancy
A: Damn girl, I HELLA understand what you are going thru.I got pregnant at fifteen and had NO CLUE on how to tell my parents. I found out at 6 weks and before I went home I called them on the phone and told them. They were PIST to say the least, they were hurt, disappointed, all of the above. Now all you can do is sit them down and let them know that you are going to keep this baby and that you will raise this child.Dont let them tell you , you HAVE to have an abortion, because it is YOUR choice. Yeah, yeah, they;re gonna be hurt, but , whats done is done and all you can do now is move forward with your life. If they threaten to kick you out, there is housing for teen moms like you.Im telling you though, your life as you know it, IS OVER! You are gonna have to emotionally prepare yourself to deal with a lot, especially when it comes down to raising this kid.I have an 8 yr old son and an 11 month old son now and they are my WORLD. Be prepared to deal with a lot of dirty looks, and negative opinions, but STAY IN SCHOOL,GRADUATE….Im telling you, you will need a degree to raise a kid these days.There are alot of programs that can help you out, so DONT EVER feel alone.Feel free to email me if you have any questions, concerns,etc. Now about the spotting, I had the same thing, up until my 5th month, ask your doc if its ok, go to a doctor and soon, you are gonna need those vitamins to help make that baby strong.Good luck mama
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