How would you know if a girl is pregnant

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You know you’re pregnant when you don’t have a period for a while, you have morning sickness, and a change in appetite. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How long does a girl know before She’s pregnant’s-pregnant
A pregnancy test can detect pregnancy after a missed period & some can even detect it a few days before a missed period.
How does a girl know if she’s pregnant?’s_pregnant
There is a blood test, and a urine test. The test for urine can be obtained over the counter, and a doctor can do either. It tells if your blood or urine contain hCG, a hormone. Otherwise, if you miss your period, and start throwing up in t…
When do you know a girl is pregnant?
i’m sorry, but i changed the spelling of pregnant… anyway, there’s a few things that if you notice, you definitely should take a test… lets see…. 1. very tender, soar breasts..that’s a good clue 2. nausea… doesn’t have to be in the morning……

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Boys what would you do if you got a girl pregnant from a one night stand?
Q: And you didn’t even know she was pregnant until AFTER the baby was born. And you receive a phone call one day saying “you have a daughter”. ?Honest answers. Would you feel angry that she never told you or let you have a say in it? Or give you the chance to at least be there for the pregnancy. Or angry that she didn’t abort? How would you feel?would you want anything to do with the kid? What if they lived far away and you didn’t like the mother?
A: I’d move and change my number. The girl decided to have the baby on her own so she can raise it on her own.
What are the odds of getting a girl pregnant if you dont put a condom on until right before you ejaculate?
Q: I would prefer not to wear a condom during sex, but I also don’t want to get my girlfriend pregnant. She is on the pill, but is sortof inconsistent with it. I know wearing a condom decreases the likelihood of getting her pregnant. But I want to know how that compares to not wearing one, but just slipping one on before ejaculation.
A: well you have a better chance of getting pregnant with the pre-cum. That comes out throughout the whole intercourse. If you really want to make sure she won’t get prego then you’ll have to wear it the whole time :/ sorry.
How would you react if you found out that your daughter is pregnant, or your son got a girl pregnant?
Q: And your child is only a teenager. Like having a baby while in High School.Myself personally I have 2 boys & a girl. And if my daughter told my wife and I that she got pregnant like when she’s 16 or 17, I would tell her that I am upset and dissapointed with her, but that I still love her, and that her mother and I are there for her and that we love her and will support her any way that we can. And with my son’s, if I find out that they get a girl pregnant, I will tell them the same thing that I’m upset and dissapointed, but that I still love them, but as the father of the baby, they WILL take responsibility for their actions and help care for the baby, and will support that child. Just curious to hear your thoughts on this and also from parents who have had children who had gotten pregnant as teenagers.I am thinking about stuff like this now, because I know my kids will be teenagers a few years down the road. I’m the father of 3 kids, ages 9, 5 & 3.Another thing, I would never make or tell my daughter to get an abortion. Because in my opinion abortion is murder. Also if my daughter got pregnant by someone who’s black, or asian, it wouldn’t make a difference to me, because I’m not racist. We are all the same no matter what the color of skin is. We all bleed red.Also want to add, to me my advice to my daughter that abortion is NEVER an option. If she doesn’t want to keep the baby, give it up for adoption, because there are many people out there who would be very loving and caring parents who can’t have kids of their own.Personally I think that giving my kids birth control like the pills and condoms is telling them, go ahead and have sex.Personally when they are older, I will be teaching them to abstain from sex.
A: My husband and I were just talking about this last night. We will have two kids when our daughter is born in May and we have a 2 year old son now.Our thoughts on it were that yeah we’d be disappointed and surely upset, but they are our children and need support through this. What kind of an example would it be to kick them out when they mess up? That sends a message of we don’t care enough or love you enough to help. By no means would it be easy on either one, if my daughter became pregnant she would get a job (to a certain month along in the pregnancy) along with the father of the baby and the father of the baby would support her and that baby in some way. My son would be stepping up to the plate and be responsible for what he and this girl have done. He would not be walking away from her and would be working to support that child and the girl. And there will be NO talk of an abortion. No way no how, we will not endorse that. My children will respect life in all stages and the innocent baby growing would be no exception to that. A baby is a baby, period and it’s not the fault of the baby for the mistake of the parents. We are kind of old fashioned for being a young couple (we are 23 and 24). My husband firmly believes in a “shot gun” wedding, lol. But either way we would have to be supportive for their sakes. Neither myself or my husband would hold it over their heads either. The consequences of teen pregnancy are enough without parents running a life long guilt trip on them. In no way would we condone it or be happy that they made a poor choice, but we would love them and that baby and be apart of their lives no matter what.
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