How would you tell your parents that you are pregnant if you are a teenage girl

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Try to get the father of the baby to talk to your parents with you when you tell them you’re pregnant & maybe tell one at a time. [ Source: ]
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How does a teenage girl tell her parents she is pregnant??
I think it would probably be better face to face. Yeah, they’re gonna be upset and disappointed, but that’s because you’re their baby and they only want the best for you. Just tell them you need to talk to them about something kinda importa…

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Why do people feel it’s any of their business when a teenager is pregnant?
Q: I bring this up because I was out having lunch yesterday with a friend I’ll call Amy. Amy is several years older than me (I’m 24, never had kids, don’t want ’em), but because she’s so diminutive and young, people often assume she’s in junior high or even younger. She’s been married for two years and right now she’s very, very pregnant. We were eating in a restaurant when a woman we’d never seen before came over and demanded to know what Amy’s parents “thought of her condition”, and how she should be ashamed of herself for having such loose standards and now would “pay for it the rest of the child’s life”. When Amy just laughed, flashed her wedding ring and said how old she was, the woman turned beet red and could not leave fast enough, and didn’t even mutter a word of apology.I notice a lot of negativity and even outright rudeness towards any teenage mother these days, whether online or on the street. I’m not condoning teenage pregnancy, but the problem with people whose first response is to chastise and condemn these young women is that most of them don’t know if there are any extenuating circumstances surrounding the pregnancy — rape, molestation, for example. There was a girl in my junior high school who got pregnant after she was molested by her step-father, and she ended up having a breakdown because people who didn’t know her would approach her on the street and say nasty things to her, accusing her of “being stupid”, not knowing about safe sex, or being “unable to keep her legs closed”. I didn’t know her very well and I never got to because her family ended up moving.Another thing I don’t understand is why people feel it is ANY of their concern at this point to tell off some young woman who is pregnant or has already had a baby. Really, what do you imagine is going to happen just because you scolded her? The deed has already been done, and most of these girls are already going through enough drama and conflict with their family, friends, or boyfriends that they don’t need anymore from a stranger, especially when it doesn’t change anything. Please assume that this girl, no matter what the circumstances are, is already going to have things difficult enough, so what do you have to gain by ridiculing or scolding her?What do you guys think? Are people too quick to jump to the wrong conclusions about teenage pregnant girls? And do you think someone has any right to approach them whether online or in person and offer their opinion about it so harshly? What is YOUR immediate reaction when you see a young pregnant girl?
A: Well if they come on here and say “OMG…I’m pregnant and I don’t know what to do” or “I’m pregnant and I’m proud of it” it’s like you obviously are not mature enough to have a baby and your stupid. But just seeing a pregnant girl on the street that is not shouting it off of rooftops or is in the store excitingly buying her baby clothes and toys then no I don’t think bad of them. I actually really respect them for having the baby whether they keep it or give it up for adoption. You are right though, people are very judgemental and that was very rude of that lady who did that to your friend, and she def. got what was coming to her…lol.
Does your teenage daughter scare you, too?
Q: I have a 15 year old daughter, she’s not a terror, but a typical girl that could already be having sex, I don’t know, she isn’t going to tell me. (Yes, I’ve asked) I have run this through in my mind over and over…what would be the right thing to do if she should get pregnant? I have put her on birth control to prevent it “just in case” which I am afraid just gave her a green light to do it, but why take the chance, you know? She knows all the dangers of disease, not to mention the effect it could have on her self esteem, etc. We’ve had countless talks about this.My daughter and I are both pro-life (please, no arguments, you have absolutely no chance of persuading me to the other side). We watched “Juno” together a few weeks ago, and I told her that making a childless couple very happy was the right thing to do in my opinion, and immediately she spouted off with “No way, I would keep my baby…you couldn’t do anything about it”She doesnt live with me, she chooses to live with her father in a town about an hour away. I see her every Saturday, and what I see is a father that will not put his foot down. God knows what she does on the weekends, so you can see my concern. She always has a way of throwing me stuff that makes me crazy inside, all the while having to act cool, not freak out, not scare her away from conversations. I am constantly feeling like I have missed teaching her something, I have failed to give her proper guidance, failed being a role model…the list goes on. All this piled on the fact she’d rather be with him than with me. This makes me nuts, too.Now, my questions are…can you make your minor child give a baby up for adoption? At 15, she isn’t even old enough to give consent to sex. How do you other parents feel about this? What is your “preliminary plan”? I would love to hear from real parents of teenage daughters, please. Your thoughts on this will be appreciated.I don’t have the time or space to explain why I have lost trust in my daughter. I do have plenty of reasons to be paranoid. I wanted to hear from parents, please.
A: Well, if I were you I would be glad that she agreed to go on birth control. There’s only so much you can do, and you’re right – it’s terrifying. Our daughter behaved just like yours – except she refused to accept birth control. Our gentle but frequent reminders about the risks of early sex only made her shut down and tell us “it’s not your problem.” We didn’t trust that response, and we tried to maintain some control over when she went out, where, and with whom. We did everything we could short of locking her up. It didn’t work – she’s now pregnant, and I think it was intentional. And she still “throws stuff at us that makes us crazy,” as you put it. Like saying she’s going to move out, refusing to talk to us or her baby’s father about her pregnancy and saying “it’s my baby, I can do it myself.” Yes, it makes me crazy.Like your daughter, she won’t even consider adoption. Although we believe that would be the best thing, we also believe that her rights as a mother supercede our rights to force the issue. It would be a terrible thing to do. What mother of any age would ever get over havinig her baby stolen from her and given to someone else? What young girl could survive that without permanent emotional damage? Like you, I have gone over and over my own relationship with her and wondered if I failed. But I don’t think so. At this age, if they decide not to listen to their parents, there are a million ways to get away with it. And some very good kids do make the wrong choices, for reasons we may never understand. Don’t beat yourself up over this. Just try to consider the long term. Is she a good person? Does she do well in school? Does she have friends? Does she have goals for the future? Does she stay away from drugs and alcohol? Will she outgrow this stage? As long as the answers to these questions are “yes,” she will probably be OK. Most kids who have done a few “bad” things in high school managed to grow up to be outstanding citizens and good people. Try to keep her focused on her future. And early sex seems to be the norm – if you believe the statistics, over 50% of kids do it before their senior year. I can’t imagine how they handle this so young, and I am NOT condoning it, but they seem to have different attitudes about it than we did. Many do handle it OK. But if you think she isn’t handling her life well right now, try to talk her into getting counseling. I wish I had been able to get my daughter to go.We parents tend to think there’s only one right way for kids to grow up – they should finish school, find a good job, find the right partner, get married, and THEN start a family. Yes, this may be the easiest path and the most likely to lead to financial success in the short term. But I have come to understand that this is a form of prejudice too. There are other goals in life besides financial success. With proper support, early motherhood can be worked out and need not permanently harm the mother or the child. Like you, I tried to come up with a “preliminary plan,” because I saw where my daughter was headed a long time before it happened. I did everything in my power to talk her out of having sex and getting pregnant. But I decided that if I couldn’t prevent it, I would support her and her baby for as long as it took for her to finish school and support herself. When she told me she was pregnant, there was no shock and no agonizing about what to do. She and I and my husband are just trying to carry on from here and be thankful that we still have each other. We will have a future of one kind or another and it may not be the one that I envisioned for her, but it will be the one she chose. And this “crisis” will not last forever, and she WILL grow up and live the life she has made for herself. As long as we’re a part of it, that’s all we can ask. I know this is very hard, but try to stay involved in your daughter’s life. Do things together just for fun. Have conversations about impersonal things, like politics or fashions or anything. Let her see that the main topic of your interactions doesn’t always have to be her and her life choices. This may or may not make her more willing to open up, but at least you will both see that you can still enjoy each other’s company. Then try not to worry so much.
Teens and Sex Toys….?
Q: Ok ive been reading alot of question from on here the past few days about teens….and them wanting sex toys…and adults telling them their too young for sex toys…or teens scared there parents are gonna kill them if they find there toys….so my question is are you opposed to your teenage girl to having sex toys and why??? Personally I say give every girl one for their 13th birthday…i mean they cant get pregnant with a sex toy or any stds…and it would cut down on the ‘can i be pregnant’ questions on here from teenagers who believe the ‘pull out’ method is an actually form of birth contol….i mean lets face it teens are gonna have the erge to have sex…why not encourage masterbation instead of just saying not to have sex…(because how many of you guys actually listened to your parents when they told you that???)ok i was joking about all kids at age 13….wow…but when they start thinking about becoming sexually active….(and if you look at the pregnancy section theres alot of 13 year olds asking if their pregnant…or asking what to do since they just found out their pregnant)i dont believe 13 year old should be having sex or anything….when i was 13 i still thought guys had cooties….but times today are diffrent…kids are actually having sex at younger ages…ask your kids how many of them have friends that have had sex already….or know someone that is pregnant….theres little girls in middle school that are pregnant now…and i bet you there mother would have prefered them to use toy as oppose to the real thing
A: I support your opinion, but have my own. While I would much rather my girls masturbate than have sex (they’re almost 14), I don’t think my lack of buying them sex toys will make them have sex. My husband and I have brought up our girls and continue to bring up our girls with open conversation regarding sex and have *hopefully* taught them well enough to know that sex should be saved for someone very special – not necessarily for marriage, but that’s for my daughters to decide. As for sex toys, I cannot say I’m totally for nor against them. I’ve always thought them a little raunchy, but if that’s how my daughters want to spend their money, then they should be allowed to – if it’s not breaking any laws or anything (I’m honestly not sure – do you have to be 18 or something?). I, however, think it’s incredibly inappropriate for me to buy my young teenage daughters sex toys. If they want my guidance or advice, sure, but I probably wouldn’t go readily to buy them one.
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