I dare you to watch it

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You get a different Guide each time. I watched it while pregnant and it was the only time I threw up my entire pregnancy. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/i-dare-you-to-watch-it ]
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Can the LG Dare watch internet videos?
Yeha same as T Mobile G 1
What’s your favourite scary movie? I DARE YOU TO WATCH THIS PREVI…?
Link didnt work, got an error: The URL contained a malformed video ID. The 2nd link works. I like to watch this movie but i wished they dub it in English. I tried to watch it but i got lost in the subtitles and i dont know japanese. I have …
Can i watch videos on my LG Dare on verizon?
Internet or there is a program pre installed on all phones

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Maybe the most massive movie of ’09 ?? .. do you dare watch even the trailer ?? .. R U a sissy ???.. or what?
Q: Thank you so much for the chance to say >>truthfully >>my kinda clipped style is partly >>thru time & motion study >>partly to give an accurate wordpic of the speech patterns of my longstanding >>high ranking >>military family >>But chiefly >>to grab the audience >>& take ’em on a journey >>the most exciting journey >>the adventure of a lifetime >>I came into Y/A just now >>having woken up dreaming >>of my closest & dearest female friend >>who has the same name as my first wife >>but is totally different >>realising that I’ve been steadily >>falling in love with her >>Knowing how God alone can >>make every moment of every day >>the most exciting adventure >>I asked Him to speak to me >>via my online inboxes >>I found >>@ YT ‘videos recommended for you’ >>this trailer for >>maybe the most massive movie of ’09 >>Hitwomanhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXmmtbOXb0E&feature=rec-HM-r2http://www.gunsandleather.comDoes it fill you with fear of 21st century woman?Do you dare to watch even the trailer?R U a sissy??Or what??Ladies >>As a trainee radio presenter >>I wanna optimise my communication skills >>& maximise my interpersonal relational toolkit >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Any recommendations?I can almost see da jokes now, yes?Can you?LOL
A: Check this out at http://lilurl.com/?hise I found it very useful when looking for recent movies, totally free.
Would you watch relatives in porn? My cousin and his wife are porn actors in L.A. His niece is a major star..?
Q: My dad told me – swear to God – I think he’s known for ages too my cousin who is 32 is a porn star – straight films I guess. His wife is too. And his niece who is a few years younger than him who he grew up with got him into the industry. The tale being told for the longest time was he was working in the filing department or some such nonsense. I used to live in Los Angeles and was out there in the medical profession and moved back to Massachusetts in 1995, he moved out to Los Angeles in the early 2000s. He’s a rock and roller too and is into Satanism. This is all true. I couldn’t make it up and I’m a writer! To top it off our mutual aunt is a nun and I’m no saint believe me I’ve run around it must be in our genetic makeup from our mutual grandmother’s side of the family. But I’m spiritual and somewhat religious. Anyway, my dad thinks if I get published as a writer I may have to change my name if my cousin used his real name in the porn as it is my dad’s half -brother’s kid. (My dad and his brother had different dads but they wound up with the same last name as my uncle was adopted eventually). Anyway I’m 14 years older than my wild cousin he seems like a nice guy but is lost now obviously. Would you dare watch any relative ever? I can’t even imagine it. I don’t know why my dad told me…Our last name is uncommon and if my cousin used it my dad may have told me tonight so if I get published I won’t be associated with my cousin. He said he doesn’t want that…I’ll ask my uncle – it’s very likely he used his real name as he’s known in a certain circle for his music too….
A: i wouldnt be grossed out by watching a relative. but i would certainly try to avoid it.times have changed. porn isnt as hidden or frowned upon as it used to be. i wouldnt worry about it ruining your career or anything. your cousin could actually add spice to your bio. thats only if he becomes famous. people arent gonna think that your cousin is a reflection of you or your family.
What would you do with a time machine that only lets you look at the past?
Q: This is a question I think about all the time. If you could witness anything in the past what would you like to see? Where would you look first? What would you purposely avoid?Would you test your religion by watching it unfold for yourself? What if you found out it was not real, just another book written by people who desperately needed someone or something to believe in?Would you use it to help prosecute criminals?Would you watch the beginning of the Universe? The beginning of time?Would you watch the dinosaurs roam and then watch as they became extinct?What if you witnessed proof that at one time there were beings from another world here?Would you watch yourself being born?Would you dare watch things that no one really should?It is perplexing to think about, yes? Let me hear your thoughts, rants, and raves.
A: I’d go back and see how my Ancestor’s were like. I never knew my grandmother and my grandfather, they died while i was very young. I would also like to see many other things that happend before i was born.
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